FAQ - General

What is the difference between a “Registered Breeder” and a “Registered Breeder with Dogs Victoria”?

A person may advertise as a 'Registered Breeder' but this does not mean that they are a member of Dogs Victoria or that they are a Dogs Victoria registered Breeder. 

Some breeders use the term to mean that they are registered on the Pet Exchange Register (possibly as an unregulated Micro-breeder), others may use the term loosely meaning their dogs are registered with their Local Council whilst some may actually be registered with their local council as a Domestic Animal Breeding Business. 

There are a lot of unrecognised dog breeding organisations and clubs, and a few state government recognised dog breeding organisations.  Being 'a registered breeder' may simply be they are a member of one of these groups.

All members of Dogs Victoria must comply with our Constitution, Rules, Regulations and Code of Practice.  To become a Dogs Victoria Breeder, they must undertake an education program and meet some additional criteria.  Finally, they can only breed pure bred dogs that are breeds recognised by Dogs Australia.

Unfortunately, puppy farmers and scammers will use terminology to convince potential purchasers that their operations are legitimate.  You can read more about staying safe when purchasing a puppy by clicking here.

Should you encounter any problems with a breeder, Dogs Victoria is only in a position to help you if they are a member of Dogs Victoria.

Please see our Compliance FAQ section for more information.

How many recognised breeds are there in Australia?

There are over 200 recognised breeds in Australia and each was bred for a specific purpose and has a breed standard, some of which have been around for hundreds of years.

A full list of all Recognised Breeds in Australia can be found on the Dogs Australia website. 

Do you deal with Cross/Mix Breeds?

Yes and No.  Our core purpose is to protect and promote the Pure Breed varieties of dogs and our members are not permitted to breed cross bred varieties of dog as per the rules & regulations.  However, members can own cross bred dogs on our Associate Register and compete in performance disciplines with them.

Can you put me in touch with a breeder?

If you ring the Dogs Victoria office or visit the website, we can direct you to the associated breed club for a particular breed of dog that you are after.  

Please note: We do not have a list of breeders for cross breed dog varieties.

How do I become a Registered Breeder?

We have a host of information for people thinking that they might like to become a breeder on our Becoming a Breeder page.

How do I enter a dog show?

We have a New to Showing a Dog Exhibitor Manual which steps a beginner through the entire showing process. 

These days, most entries are done electronically through one of the online providers.  There will be information on the show schedule as to when and how entries will be accepted.

When is the next dog show?

For more information visit our Shows and Trials Calendar page.

What are your current Fees

For more information visit our Scale of Charges page.

Change of Contact Details

Any changes to your contact details ie. address, phone number/s or email, must be made in writing to Dogs Victoria to affect this update on your member record. Written notifications can be via post, email or fax. It is important that we receive written notification so that we can verify the request has come direct from the member in question. This maintains our database integrity and ensures your personal information is protected and recorded correctly.

I have written to Dogs Victoria – what happens next?

Depending on the nature of your correspondence, your letter or email may be forwarded to the monthly Management Committee for their consideration. As a result, it may be some weeks before you receive a formal response.

Do I need a Working with Children Check?

Read more here on how these rules apply to Dogs Victoria sanctioned events.