Shows and Trials Calendar

Dogs Victoria, along with its 250 Affiliates, run over 1,000 events each year.

These events consist of conformation shows (dog shows) and performance events including agility, dances with dogs, earthdog, endurance, field trial, herding, lure coursing, lure racing, obedience, rally obedience, retrieving, scent work, sled sports, therapy dog, tracking track and search and trick dog.

The Calendar & Events Committee oversee the Dogs Victoria Calendar for all Dogs Victoria disciplines on a three-year cycle. 

View the Calendar of Events

The latest version Dogs Victoria Events Calendar 2024 is available for viewing by using the link below.

Download Event Calendar 2024 Last amended 03/07/24

The latest version Dogs Victoria Events Calendar 2025 is available for viewing by using the link below.

Download Event Calendar 2025 Last amended 18/07/24

There have been a number of changes made to this calendar and therefore we advise secretaries they should check the date allocated to your club. Should your club not have a date allocated to them you will need to contact the events team via

Due to noncompliance with annual returns etc. some affiliates have been removed from the calendar.


Requests for changes

Requests for changes/amendments must be submitted to

All submissions will be forwarded to relevant Dogs Victoria committees for approval. All requests must be on the calendar amendment application form.

Calendar Amendment Application Form (pdf)

We remind affiliates of regulation 3.5.3 which states:

Any affiliated body that wishes to change the date that has been allocated for the holding of a Championship Show, Open Show, Parade or Trial, shall make an application for the change. No application will be considered within six (6) months of the scheduled date of such fixture.