About Dogs Victoria

Our Story

Dogs Victoria is well-known to over 8000 members and the broader canine community as Victoria’s peak body representing purebred dogs and the many dog-related sports and activities.

We are the Victorian state Member Body for Dogs Australia (the Australian National Kennel Council).  Dogs Victoria support over 250 affiliated clubs representing various dog breeds and dog activities.

The history of purebred dogs in Victoria dates back to the 1860s, when canine-related activities and societies began to emerge. Whilst the first dog show in the state took place in 1864 at what was then Melbourne’s Exhibition Building, the first stand-alone dog show was held in 1880, following the establishment of the Victorian Poultry and Kennel Club, who then launched a monthly gazette.

From 1920 to 1928, three additional associations were born and it was during 1930 that all three came together to form the Kennel Control Council of Victoria. Later this organisation was renamed the Victorian Canine Association and in 2007, began trading under the name Dogs Victoria.

Dogs Victoria’s key responsibility is the preservation of purebred dogs in Victoria and their registry. This registry details all registered purebred dogs’ ancestors in what is called a ‘pedigree’ – much like a family tree. By studying these generations, breeders are able make informed decisions about dogs they would like to include in their breeding program – such as specific physical and behavioural attributes – to assist them in maintaining the ideal standard for their breed.

We will continue to strive to ensure that dogs live happy and healthy lives with responsible owners.


Dogs Victoria’s Vision

To become Victoria’s leading authority, community representative body for pure bred dog breeding and provider of education and activities for all dogs.

Dogs Victoria’s Mission

Dedicated to promoting ethical and sustainable breeding and preservation of pure-bred dogs, maintaining the integrity of the registry, the advancement of all ethical dog sports, activities and training for all dogs as well as educating and advocating for our members and the canine community.


We will:

  • act with integrity at all times
  • provide support to all affiliates, members and their dogs
  • ensure the welfare of dogs is paramount in all we do
  • protect and enhance the rights of purebred dog and their owners
  • provide ongoing quality education to breeders, judges and owners of purebred dogs
  • deliver high quality core services to our members.

What We Do

  • Formal registration of purebred dogs and pups/litters
  • Assist and educate members on their legal requirements for animal husbandry, including current best practice in relation to breeding activities
  • Run a breeder accreditation program that includes education, mentorship and examination
  • Support research into canine health and disease prevention
  • Provide a voice for all dog owners across all levels of Government
  • Promotion of purebred dogs and dog sports through a monthly magazine, website, and community promotions incorporating our 280 affiliated clubs
  • Licensing and regulating dog-based events - overseeing and sanctioning more than 700 events annually
  • Promoting excellence in dog behavior, health, companionship, work, community acceptance and responsible dog ownership.
  • Maintaining pure breed standards and education