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No matter what your interest in dogs, the chances are that there's a dog club near you where you can meet people who share your interests. There are over 250 clubs affiliated with Dogs Victoria, ranging from breed, semi specialist (limited breed) and group clubs to all breeds and agricultural societies to performance clubs (agility, obedience, dances with dogs, scent work, tracking, field, lure coursing, rally and obedience).

Want to get involved with dogs? Then get in touch with a local group who can help you get involved - whether it’s training, obedience, agility or breeding.

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New clubs applying for affiliation must first:

  • Be registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria as an incorporated body
  • For a breed club - be responsible for the promotion and welfare of the breed within the state
  • In particular but not exclusively the breed club is to
    • promote and encourage the responsible breeding of purebred dogs in accordance with the VCA Codes of Ethics and Practices;
    • promote and raise the standard and exhibition of purebred dogs;
    • promote the holding of exhibitions under the VCA Rules and Regulations and to promote and conduct training of dogs;
    • foster, promote and protect the interest of exhibition of dogs at exhibitions
    • collect, verify and publish information relating to dogs and the breeding and exhibition of dogs;
    • educate and encourage members, breeders and judges to abide by the requirements and standards approved by the VCA for the conduct of exhibitions;
    • promote good fellowship and fair play amongst members and those participating in VCA activities;
    • hold functions and lecture relating to dogs;
    • initiate measures to ensure improvement of quality and the continued health and wellbeing of purebred dogs
    • promote and encourage responsibility amongst breeders in all matters relating to their activities as breeders and the provision of purebred dogs
  • Affiliates are required to adopt and maintain sound club management practices
  • Management committee may appoint a person or persons to monitor an affiliate's management and to offer assistance, and such assistance may include attending meetings of the affiliate.

New Affiliation Applications

New affiliation applications shall be made in writing to the Chief Executive of the VCA and must include:

  •  a statement of the reasons for the application;
  •  the current affiliation fee and insurance levy for members of the affiliate who are not members of the VCA;
  • a copy of the Constitution or Rules and any Regulations and/or By-Laws of the body.
  •  an undertaking by the Committee of the body that the body and its office bearers will be bound, upon affiliation, by the Constitution, Rules, Regulations, Codes and directives of the VCA.
  •  a copy of the Certificate of Registration as an incorporated body.

The application for affiliation shall be referred to:

  • The Constitution Rules and Regulations Committee for vetting against the Constitution, Rules, Regulations and Codes of the VCA and the ANKC.
  • The committee of the applicable discipline(s) for a recommendation to Management Committee.

Affiliations granted by the VCA are for the residual part of the current year unless specified otherwise in the approval.

It shall be a condition of affiliation that the incorporated body holds its Annual General Meeting in a public place and not in the private property of a member or person associated with a member of the affiliate