Responsible dog ownership

As a dog lover, you will understand that having dogs in our lives comes with responsibilities.   Not only do we have to make sure our pets have everything for both their physical and mental wellbeing, but we have to ensure that our pets do not negatively impact the lives of others.

In Victoria, there are rules and regulations that relate to pet ownership within the community – some to protect the community as a whole, others to protect our pets.   These rules cover things such as identification, registration and management of pets, outline minimum standards of care, and provide a legal consequence should animals be subject to cruelty or mistreatment. 

The majority of these rules are enforced at a local council level, so you will need to be familiar with the rules relating to pet ownership within your municipality. 

To help you understand what being a responsible pet owner involves, Dogs Victoria has prepared a Fact Sheet that covers what is expected of you as a pet owner. 

You can also visit the Knowledge Centre and view a variety of fact sheets on other relevant topics such as Council Requirements, Codes of Practice, and Developing an Emergency Plan that includes your pets.  

Most councils in Victoria have a dedicated section on their website that hosts a wealth of information for pet owners residing in that municipality, and is another excellent resource.

Training Your Dog

Part of being a Responsible Pet Owner involves ensuring your dog has some basic manners and obedience training.  Training not only provides mental stimulation for your dog, it also strengthens your relationship with each other.  Well-trained dogs are a joy to own!

Training Classes are a great way to get started, especially if you are new to owning dogs.  Dogs Victoria has close to 50 affiliated community-based dog training clubs located all across the state. 

If you are looking for a training class for you and your dog, please contact the Club nearest you (Hint: filter by activity - 'Obedience') for more details on the training they offer.