Membership Benefits

Promoting happy, healthy dogs and responsible pet ownership  
Making sure all dog owners are aware of community expectations and laws relating to dog ownership within Victoria.

Ethical breeding
Dogs Victoria aims to promote best practise within the dog breeding community. Our Breeder Education Package provides training and information for members who want to breed purebred pedigree dogs. 

Unique dog-friendly venues

State Dog Centre (KCC Park)
- Located in Melbourne's south east

Bulla Exhibition centre
- Located just north of Melbourne airport

Join in
Meet like-minded dog owners and explore all of the activities and sports that you can do with your dog.
To view a list of our Dogs Activities please click here

Members save
Dogs Victoria members may be eligible for discounted council registration. If you hold a Dogs Victoria Breeder Prefix there are some additional benefits.

A voice for ALL dog owners
Dogs Victoria lobbies government at both state and local levels on behalf of all dog owners across the state. 

Dogs Victoria and our affiliated clubs host, events, shows and competitions nearly every weekend. There are even special shows for juniors!

Dogs Victoria Website
Access a world of up to date dog related information. Whether you are looking for a dog, have a new puppy, or have been a dog owner for years, there is something for you. 

With over 200 affiliated clubs located all across the state - offering community-based dog training, dog sport specific training and clubs uniting people with a passion for a specific breed. 

Our monthly magazine is full of dog related information and articles as well as details of events and competitions. 

To see a digital version of the magazine please click here.

Located at KCC Park, the library hosts a unique collection of dog related books and magazines.
Visit the Laurie Luxmoore Library page for current opening hours.

We even have a museum filled with dog history and memorabilia. The museum is located at KCC Park.