Dog Activities

Agility (Performance)

Agility is a fun sport for dogs and handlers to get fit together. Find out more

Conformation (Showing)

Dog shows are held all around Australia, where dogs are judged by specialist judges against their breed standard. Here’s our step-by-step guide to mastering the show circuit. Find out more

Dances With Dogs

A fun activity for anyone who has an interest in dancing with their dog. Find out more


Earthdog allows dogs to use their natural instincts in a safe, simulated hunting environment. Find out more

Endurance Test

Demonstrate your dog's ability to work after being subject to a certain degree of physical strain. Find out more

Field Trials

If you have a gundog you have the option of training your dog for retrieving and/or field work. Find out more


Herding is fun and a great social activity. It gets you outdoors, keeps you active and is good exercise! Find out more

Lure Coursing

Lure coursing is a performance sport developed in the early 70s. Find out more

Lure Fun Days

Lure Fun Days give your dog the opportunity to do what comes naturally! Find out more

Lure Racing

For a great day’s fun for you and your pampered canine pet why not try lure racing? Find out more


There is nothing more satisfying than sharing your life with a well trained canine companion. Find out more


Rally is a fun sport where you and your dog work together as a team. Find out more


The ability and intelligence of well-bred and well trained gundogs is remarkable. Find out more

Scent Work

Scent Work is a positive, challenging activity where dogs use their strongest natural sense. Find out more


You don’t have to participate in an organised event or even have an arctic breed for your dog to enjoy a bit of sledding. Find out more


Backpacking is an enjoyable activity for both you and your dog. Find out more

Weight pulling

Weight pulling is a competition of strength that many breeds of dog can enjoy as long as they are of a suitable size. Find out more

Therapy Dog

A small but dedicated group of volunteers who with their own dogs visit a variety of places around Victoria. Find out more


All breeds of dog can learn to track – it uses their natural scenting instincts. Find out more

Track and Search

Track and Search is a more challenging type of tracking. Find out more

Trick Dog

Trick Dog Competition is a new ANKC discipline which became an official event in January 2020. Find out more

Draft Test

Drafting involves a series of exercises designed to develop and demonstrate a dog’s usefulness as a draft animal. Find out more


Flyball is a relay race between two teams of four dogs. Find out more