Extreme Weather Policies


Dogs Victoria Management Committee reviewed the extreme weather regulations in April 2017 and again in March 2021.

These regulations (Part 7 Regulations - Conformation, Regulation 7.6.8) covers hot weather, fire danger and gale force winds / thunderstorms / flood.
This regulation applies to all Conformation shows in Victoria.

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OTEC Heat Policy

This policy applies when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees. The club must provide a suitable outdoor thermometer to monitor the temperature as per the current OTEC Heat Policy.

When the Obedience, Tracking and Endurance Committee heat policy is invoked, all requirements of that policy must be adhered to. (Regulation

Click here to read the complete OTEC Extreme Weather Policy.

Agility Heat Policy

Click here to read the Heat Policy for Dog Agility Trials.

Retrieving and Field Heat Policy

Click here to read the Heat Regulations for Retrieving and Field.
Click here to read the extreme weather Field trial policy

Scent Work Heat Policy

Click here to read the Heat Policy for Scent Work.