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FAQ - Membership & Payments

It is not for a membership for a dog, but for the person who owns the dog.  It is not called a breeding licence

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Discounted council registration of your dog
  • Member discounts on many dog-related and other products and services
  • Subscription to Dogs Victoria Magazine, our monthly glossy publication that keeps you informed about canine issues in Victoria
  • Breeder Education - prefix accreditation program (open book exam)
  • Access to the Laurie Luxmoore library where you can find out all you want on dogs from Dogs Victoria's extensive collection of books and videos
  • Research facilities (providing information on pedigrees, etc.)
  • Participation in Dogs Victoria events such as dog showsobedience and other trials
  • Helping us to maintain the Canine Health Research Foundation
  • Facilities at KCC Park and Bulla
  • Dogs Victoria is YOUR government lobbyist (defending and fighting for the rights of dog owners)

What are the different membership types?

  • Ordinary – Single member over the age of 18 years old.
  • Dual/Joint – Two members over 18 years of age residing at the same address
  • Aged Pensioner – Single member with a government issued Aged Pensioner card
  • Joint Aged Pensioner – Two members at the same address with a government issued aged pensioner card
  • Senior – Member of the age of 65 with 20 continuous years of membership with Dogs Victoria
  • Secondary – Single member living at the same address as an Ordinary member. No magazine issued.
  • Junior – Member aged between 7-18 years of age, and must be attached to a parent/guardian membership
  • Companion – Member only for use of facilities and not a full membership. Cannot breed, show or trial with this membership. Includes ONE free transfer of a Limited Register pedigree.

How can I update my address?

Any changes to your contact details i.e. address, phone number/s or email, and must be made in writing to Dogs Victoria to affect this update on your member record. Written notifications can be via post, email or fax. It is important that we receive written notification so that we can verify the request has come direct from the member in question. This maintains our database integrity and ensures your personal information is protected and recorded correctly.

I’ve just received a membership renewal reminder but I have already paid, what does this mean?

In some instances a cross over can occur where a reminder is sent in between payment being processed and the renewal being processed onto the system.  In these instances and payment has been made within the 10 days prior to the reminder being sent, then you can just ignore the reminder that has been sent out to you.

Can I pay for my membership renewal online?

Yes.  You can find the Online Member Portal via our website here

Do you require the Domestic Animal Business (DAB) & signature sections to be completed on the membership renewal?

Yes. Due to council requirements we are required to note Domestic Animal Business registration numbers against a membership.  We require all signatures to be completed in acceptance of all rules & regulations of Dogs Victoria.

How often do I renew my membership?

Your membership is due for renewal yearly at the anniversary of your joining date.



What is the Priority Service?

Priority service is offered for all litter, transfer, export & duplicate applications. When paying the required fee this essentially brings your application to the front of the queue. Time frame for processing is 24-28 hours all being well, however on most days an application can be processed and sent within the same day (dependent on number of priority applications).   The fee does NOT include express post.

Please note: Cut off for priority service is 11.00AM AEDT

What are my payment options?

We can accept payment by either cheque, money order, direct deposit or credit card payment on the form. If you are attending the office we have cash & EFTPOS facilities available.

Can I pay over the phone?

For security reasons, we can only take payment over the phone if the application you are making payment for is in the office already.

Puppy Packs – What is in them and what is the cost involved?

While there is no charge for puppy packs, there is a charge for postage depending on the amount required. Please refer to the current scale of charges for the cost associated.

Included in the puppy packs are the following:

  • All About Purebred Dogs magazine
  • Membership Form
  • Royal Canin Voucher