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Obedience, Tracking and Endurance

Trainee judges forms

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          ADDED 12 JANUARY 2022


Trainee judges are required to attend several lectures as part of their training.

Practical Training

Obedience trainees must do practical training over at least eight dogs in total, spread over the structured and unstructured workshop program.Tracking applicants must plot tracks and draw maps for at least four tracks and run through at least four dogs.

Structured Obedience Workshops

One structured workshop must be attended


Written and practical assessments must be completed.

For more information contact the Judges Training Coordinator:
Mrs Dawn Howard
t: 5987 3322



2023 Rule Review Submissions - National Obedience & Tracking Committee

Please click HERE for the submissions from all member bodies.
Dogs Victoria Obedience, Tracking & Endurance Committee will organise meeting/s to discuss the submissions soon.
Further details on the Dogs Victoria rule change meeting for tracking, track and search, rally obedience and endurance can be found here