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Dogs Australia Official Judges Contracts - Updated


Dogs Australia have updated the official Dogs Australia judges contract form.

The official judges contract form is available from the Dogs Victoria website in the below link

We remind all affiliates when sending your judges contract form to the Dogs Victoria office, you will need to use the current form ONLY and we require all three pages.

2024-2025 Membership Notices


Dear Members,

Notices for the 2024-2025 membership period (with new common renewal due date of 31 March 2024) have now been issued by email through our new online renewal portal. 
Members without a registered email address or on request have been posted their notices to their nominated postal address.

Please contact our Office on (03) 9788 2500 or by email if you haven't received your renewal notice.


PFAS Capping Works due for completion by 1/4/24


Dear Members,


Dogs Victoria – PFAS Capping Works due for completion by 1/4/24 as per EPA EAN-00006255-1 will be delivered for Dogs Victoria late W/C 11/3/24 and take approx. 7-12 days to complete.


In order for the capping works to be completed, there will be some additional truck deliveries of clay material onto site late W/C 11/3 and movement of fill material from the rear development batter (ie downslope of hill) along Rodds Drain.


These works will not impact on any of the current areas of KCC Park used by Members.


Frankston City Council and EPA have been updated and are aware of this schedule.






Membership billing for common annual renewal date


From 6th February all members with a registered email address will receive their first full annual renewal notice by email for membership to run between dates 01 April 2024 – 31 March 2025. Memberships that don't have an email address registered will continue to receive a posted renewal notice.
Members that have received a pro-rata renewal notice that has held due dates in January or February will require payment to align with the new billing dates.

Invoices received by email can be paid directly through the link in the email provided, this does not require sign up or logging into the new portal. Alternatively, you can log in to the new portal to review your contact details as well as accessing your invoice.

Please see our Frequently asked questions about the new renewal platform

For feedback or queries please email in the first instance to

Pedigree Lookup on Dogs Victoria Website


As we are now live with Membee for membership renewals, the links for the Member Portal and Membership Click Here on the website have changed to redirect to the new platform.

The former renewal site allowed members to use a pedigree lookup feature to search for registered Dogs Australia (ANKC) dogs which is still available however this is now named ‘pedigree lookup’ which can be found under Members heading on the website. A link in the text on the page will take you to the old login site where you can continue using this feature. All references to renewing memberships on the old site have been deactivated.  


If you have any questions, please email