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Sub Committees

To contact a particular committee please ring the chair as listed below or click the email link to send an email.

Unless otherwise noted, all committee members are appointed by management.


Jan Robinson
0418 430 775
Click here for full listing of Management Committee members

AGILITY COMMITTEE (elected) - view Committee Charter

Committee members - Tammy Beattie, Sue Gonelli, Stephen Pearson (ANKC Representative)

BREEDER COMMITTEE - view Committee Charter

Committee members - Suzanne Thomson, Greg Browne, Cathy Scotton, Adam Druce, Cam Cavallo, Paige Saunders

BULLA AMENITIES SHOW COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Dr Linda Beer (chair)
0438 040 931
Committee members - Julia Jones, Greg Browne, John Hutchison, Wendy Hutchison, Lynne King, Robyn Wallis, Kris Willingham

BULLA FACILITIES COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Jonathan Marshall 
0411 695 889
Committee members - Peter Frost, Keith Fallow, Colin Hamilton, Michael Looby, Howard Smith, June Soderstrom, Adrian Tilley

CANINE HEALTH & WELLBEING COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Sylvia Power (chair)
9746 1292
Committee members - Glenda Forster, Rebecca Kaesler, Dr Roger Lavelle, Sylvia Meekings, Dr Iain Mitchell, Karyn Orzeszlo, Kathy Smith, Chris Strandly, Evy Tano, Marilyn Adams, Noel Eltringham

CLASSIC DOG SHOW COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Bob Bell (chair)
9499 6994
Committee members - Jan Cooke, Wendy Tosh, John Davis, Eunice Warner, Andrew Burt, Maureen Gostelow, Liz Harding, Max Morris, Cathy Scotton, Anthony Price, Julie Cartledge, Julie Aspinall, Kay Sneath

CONFORMATION COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Julia Jones (chair)
0458 289 191
Committee members - Esther Joseph, Greg Browne, Pauline Grutzner, Colin Hamilton, Julia Jones, Shellie Marshall, Craig Phillips, Robynne Spencer, Stephanie Rickard, Suzanne Thomson, Simon Briggs

CONFORMATION JUDGES COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Cathy Camac (chair)
0415 990 422
Committee members - Esther Joseph (deputy chair), Mathew Morse, John Hutchison, Glenys Alexander, Judy Oliver, Shellie Marshall, Cam Cavallo, Barbara Doyle, Julie Keenan

CONSTITUTION, RULES & REGULATIONS COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Lou Howlett (chair)
0409 195 551
Committee members - David Brace, Jen Eaton, Arthur Wilson

DANCES WITH DOGS COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Sue Cordwell (chair & ANKC State Representative - Trick Dogs)
0400 940 019
Committee members - Heather Diamond, Raylene Laver, Sharen McLeod, Sue Murray. Mira Tomasello, Rochelle Manderson

EARTHDOG COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Jan Cooke (chair)
9850 1495
Committee members - Jennifer Buller, Jane Harvey, Elsa Hoggard, Janice James, Clare Stainsby

EDUCATION COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Margaret Gray (Chair)
0418 410 017
Committee members
- Wendy Johnson, Amanda Murcutt, Claire Stipic, Marissa Sarif, Christina Ramsauer (John), Lisa Woolley

FINANCE COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

John Hutchison (chair)
9740 0803
Committee members - Vin McPhee, Jan Robinson

FRIENDS OF THE PARK SHOW COMMITTEE (appointed) - Charter not yet available

Chris Moore (chair) 
0428 983 703

HERDING COMMITTEE (elected) - view Committee Charter

Alexa McGauran (chair)
0418 357 917
Committee members - Noeline McIlroy, Pia Butcher, Kate Dourley, Garry Roberts, Alyson Mills

KCC PARK FACILITIES COMMITTEE (appointed) -  view Committee Charter

Chris Moore (chair) 
0428 983 703
Committee members - David Barclay, Vincent McPhee, Stacey Sullivan, Chris Warren, Maureen Gostelow

KCC PARK SHOW COMMITTEE - view Committee Charter

Robynne Spencer (chair) 
0413 451 454
Committee members - Trevor Hardner, Anna Lane, Peter Frost, Annette Baxter, Robynne Spencer, Kerrie McKinnon, Linda Dempsey 

LEGISLATION COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Committee members - Kylie Gilbert, Pauline Grutzner, Julie Wills

LIBRARY COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Heather Simpson (chair)
5998 7493
Committee members - Clare Hodges, Robyn Carney, Anne Lenne, Elaine Lomax, Jill Rossetter, Leanne Trenwith, Lauren Whittle, Jenni Staniforth (External Helper)

LIBRARY SHOW COMMITTEE - Charter not yet available

Leanne Trenwith (chair)
0403 366 285
Committee members - Anne Lenne, Clare Hodges, Lindsay Bolden, Elaine Lomax

LIFE MEMBERSHIP APPROVAL PANEL (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Roger Bridgford (chair)
9874 5432
Committee members - John Thompson, Merilyn Syme OAM, Rhonda Tosh,  Shellie Marshall, Mathew Morse

LITIGATION COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Jan Robinson (chair)
0418 430 775
Committee members - Wayne Fleming, Darren Bowey

LURE COURSING COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Marcus Mellick (chair)
0437 336 792
Committee members - Noeline McIlroy (Management Committee Representative), Sharne Quinn (ANKC representative), Kenn Airens, Tina Button, Rebecca Kaesler, Chantal Parratt, Kylie Stocco, Els Airens

MARKETING & INNOVATION COMMITTEE (appointed) - Charter not yet available

Peter Frost (chair)
9710 1326
Committee members - Neville Humpage, Wendy Johnson, Jason Moore, Jeffrey Phuah, Sandra Tumelty, Caitlin Williams
Therapy Dogs - Nicola Abell (0468 999 610)

NEW YEARS SHOW COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Lynne Harwood (chair)
0418 575 709
Committee members - Anthony Volpi

NIGHT OF NIGHTS COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Sandra Mashford (chair)
9330 2895
Committee members - Margaret Barras, Wayne Fleming, Toni Frith, Peter Frost, Colin Hamilton, Helen Hamilton, Julie Wright, Leigh Hearne, Tayla Wright

OBEDIENCE, TRACKING & ENDURANCE COMMITTEE - OTEC (elected) - view Committee Charter

Lynn Klecka (chair)
5291 5042, 0418 333 312
Committee members - Dawn Ayton, Dawn Howard, Melissa Ferabend, Sue Collier, Susan Murray, Susanna Crankshaw

OPEN SHOW COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Pauline Grutzner (chair)
0419 513 201
Committee members - Kim Burke, Chris John, Julia Jones, Gerald Munro, Judy Oliver, Dianne Shackleford

RETRIEVING AND FIELD TRIAL COMMITTEE - RAFT (elected) - view Committee Charter

Noel Eltringham (chair)
0409 541 455
Committee members
- Diane McCann, Dave Blacker, Russell Thomas, Joe Camilleri, Darren Smith, Kate Eltringham, Anthony Palmer


Committee members - Julie Wills


Judy Pillinger (chair)
0427 323 667
Committee members -Dawn Howard, Jennifer Alleyne, Angela Hervey-Tennyson, Talia Duell, Sonja Needs

SLED DOG SPORTS COMMITTEE - view Committee Charter

Ian Luke (chair)
0497 377 128
Committee members
- Courtney Persson, Don Campbell, Madeline Kiel, Sandy Koch, Eliza Perry, Merv Turner (ANKC State Representative), Ralph Koch

SUMMER SPECTACULAR SHOW COMMITTEE (appointed) - view Committee Charter

Committee members - Lynne Harwood, Peter Frost, Janet Davidson, Stacey Sullivan, Lou Howlett

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR COMMITTEE  - Charter not yet available

Committee members - Lynne Harwood, Michael Higgins, Wendy Johnson