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FAQ - Club Requirements

How do I become an Affiliated Club of Dogs Victoria?

Full details regarding eligibility and requirements are documented in section 3.4 Affiliated Bodies of the VCA Regulations document found here

**All club secretaries are asked to take note of the following when submitting information to the Dogs Victoria office.**

Removal and Cancellation of Events on the Calendar

As per VCA regulations 3.5 in regards to fixtures the following applies:

An affiliated body shall: not hold or conduct any exhibition, without approval from Management Committee. not cancel or postpone an approved exhibition without prior approval of the Management Committee.

We ask that all clubs check the calendar thoroughly to make sure what events are listed against that particular club. Should there be events listed that the club does not intend to hold, these need to be requested to be removed through the Calendar and Events Committee (via the office).

Fixture Levies

It is a Dogs Victoria regulation that a copy of the marked catalogue together with the required form (fixture surcharge levy) and payment be lodged with the office within 10 days from the date of fixture.  Failure to do so and comply with Regulation 3.5.5 may incur and penalty in accordance with the regulations.

For all conformation events, please note a new Show Summary Form pack has been introduced which contains all required forms to be lodged after the show (excluding the VCA Reps Report & Dog Incident Reports). This pack can be found on the Dogs Victoria website under Affiliates Forms and will assist the office with results for the Junior Handlers finals as well as Night of Nights competition.

A club holding an event listed on the calendar will be contacted in the event of non-receipt of required form, payment and catalogue. Only those events with approval from Calendar and Events Committee for cancellation will be marked not to be contacted.


When you submit your catalogues to the office, please submit a separate catalogue for each show. We are unable to clearly identify the correct numbers if you combine catalogues. Please assist us by submitting one catalogue per show.

VCA Rep Reports

The VCA Rep Report must be submitted together with the Fixture Levy report within the required 10 days from the date of event being held.

Show Stationery/Performance Orders

All orders for Show and Performance Requisites are required to be submitted 21 days prior to the event to ensure you receive your order before your event date.  These can be ordered through the Dogs Victoria website via Affiliates Forms/Other Forms. This is an online form so clubs no longer need to download the form and post/email it in.

Please note, that all orders are processed on a weekly basis and we do not offer a same day collection.  Completed orders will be posted to clubs or they can be collected from our office upon request.

As a reminder, Dogs Victoria Regulations 7.7.9 also states the following:

For all shows held in Victoria, all ANKC Ltd Challenge, Best of Breed, Group and in Show certificates must be original and purchased from Dogs Victoria.

Best of Breed & Challenge Certificates

Clubs are reminded of the following ANKC regulation in regards to Best of Breed/Challenge Certificates and points being forfeited:

ANKC Part 5 - 7.2.2 - Where a Best of Breed winner does not compete for Best Exhibit in Group or Best Exhibit in Show for which it is eligible, the Best of Breed Challenge Certificate shall be cancelled. (10/99)

What is the procedure for Clubs when contracting an overseas judge

  1. The four page document entitled Judging Application for “Person Not a Resident of Australia” should be forwarded to the judge, together with the ANKC Ltd judges contract.
  2. The judge should be requested to obtain from his/her National Controlling Body a letter verifying the breed/s for which he/she is eligible to award CC’s in his/her country of residence.
  3. The judge should return the three documents to the contracting club as soon as possible.
  4. When the contracting club has received the documents from the judge, they are to be forwarded to Dogs Victoria together with a cheque made payable to the ANKC Ltd.
    1. Applications received by Dogs Victoria nine months prior to the first show $50
    2. Applications received by Dogs Victoria less than nine months prior to first show $100
    3. A tax invoice will be issued by the ANKC Ltd upon request. Such request must be included with the documents lodged with Dogs Victoria. Only clubs registered for GST will require this invoice.
  5. Dogs Victoria will then forward the application to the ANKC Ltd, and advise the contracting club when approval is granted.
  6. The Judging Application for a Person Not a Resident of Australia should contain the date of the contracting club’s show, and the name of any clubs that may be sub-contracting the judge together with their show dates.

Please contact Janet at

The ANKC Ltd will not accept out of date forms. Applications submitted on out of date forms will be returned to the club.

Overseas Judges – Visa Applications

All judges visiting Australia to judge cannot apply for a visitor visa as these are invalid and they will be refused entry if they indicate they are coming to ‘judge’ a show. All Judges visiting Australia to judge and are NOT receiving payment must apply for a 408 visa which is called a ‘temporary activity’ visa. All Judges coming to Australia to judge and receiving payment must apply for a working visa. There are several classes of this working visa (417/462), however it is important that those clubs paying Judges research which best suits their purposes.

Schedule Submission

As per regulation 7.6.6 fixture schedules that require publication must be submitted to the Dogs Victoria office for approval at least FIVE months prior to the first of the month in which the fixture is being held.  Fixture schedules not being published must be submitted to the office for approval at least FOUR months prior to the first of the month in which the fixture is being held.

Junior Handlers Results

Please refer to ANKC Regulations Part 15B – Section 7 in regards to the requirements for holding Junior Handlers at fixtures.
Results from all junior handlers’ events must be submitted to the office as to assist with the Junior Handlers state final.


All required forms can be found on the Dogs Victoria website located under Forms/Affiliates Forms