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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Schedule Updates

Change of Judge - Tallangatta A & P Society

The Tallangatta A & P Society Inc wish to advise a change of judge to their upcoming show on Friday 6 March 2020. 

Mrs Felicity Prideaux is unable to judge this appointment.

Mrs Linda Stevens will now judge - 3/6 moths sweepstakes, groups 5, 3 6 & General Specials

Ms Elisabeth Hindley will now judge - 6/12 mont sweepstakes, groups 2, 4, 7 & 1 

Change of Judge - Twilight Canine Country Club Inc

The Twilight Canine Country Club Inc wish to advise a change of judge to their upcoming shows on Sunday 16 February 2020 Championship Show to be held at Bulla.

Mr Brian Corbitt (NSW) is now unable to judge this appointment. Mrs Ruth Thompson (SA) will now judge Group 1 & Group Specials in his absence. Mr S Hartanto will no longer be judging Pomeranian due to this change of judge.  Mr C Kok (Singapore) will now be judging Best in Show.


Dogs Victoria wish to notify that challenges are now NOT able to be awarded for Basenji at the Saturday show only (7 March 2020) due to the date being amended for their Championship Show.

The original schedule appears in the January Gazette which now can be viewed via our website here

Amendment to Schedule - Berwick All Breeds Kennel Club

Berwick All Breeds KC wish to advise of a correction to their schedule for the Championship Show at KCC Park on Sunday 1 March 2020.

The club omitted Class 18 (Neuter Dog & Bitch) from the original schedule and the street number address should read 236 NOT 26, as printed in the December Gazette. 

Allocation of Rings at the Bulla Exhibition Centre

Management Committee have directed from 1 August, 2019 that a trial be conducted at Bulla Exhibition Centre whereby all groups will be rotated inside for all All Breeds Championship shows.

When an all breeds championship show is held on Saturday and Sunday (on one weekend) then the same group should be held indoors on both days. 

Only one group will be allocated to indoors at any one show.

This trial is scheduled to take place for 12 months.

Group Allocations will be included on the schedules.

Amendment to Schedules – Utility Dog Club Inc

The Utility Dog Club has advised of an amendment to schedule for their Championship Shows held on 27 July 2019.

Class 18 – Neuter was omitted from the schedule and should be included.


We wish to advise of a change of judge to Dandenong Poultry & Kennel Club’s Championship Show at KCC Park on Sunday July 14.

We are sad to inform the passing of Mrs Kerrie Reeder (NSW).   Group 2 will now be judged by Mrs Kim Reeder (NSW).

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Schedule Updates

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