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Dogs Victoria Staff

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For membership enquiries please email or call 9788 2500.

Executive Leadership Team 

Dogs Victoria’s Executive Leadership team represents the interest of all stakeholders in driving strategic positioning and the creation of business relationships. The Executive Team’s core function is overseeing all departments and to ensure organisation deliverables and objectives are achieved.

Chief Executive

Cathy Ashton
General Manager - Engagement & Development
9788 2525

John Campigli
General Manager - Finance & Compliance
9788 2517

Office of Chief Executive

The Office of Chief Executive roles consists of assisting administration support for our Chief Executive, Management Committee and Subcommittees, as well as providing day-to-day operational support for our offices. The team also oversee and coordinate IT support and the scheduling of the conformation and dog sporting events.

Janet Davidson
Operations & Office Manager
9788 2512

Melinda Cannington
Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive
9788 2510

Member Experience

The Member Experience department are in control of all member applications for Dogs Victoria. This includes the processing of litter registrations, transfers, title applications, prefix applications and exams, re-registrations and membership renewals. The team are the core operations element for our members and the canine community.

Bettina May
Manager - Member Experience
9788 2504

Jennifer Joyce
Member Experience Officer
9788 2505

Tanya Milland
Member Experience Officer
9788 2519

Jennifer Goven
Member Experience Officer
9788 2503

Lyndal Beel
Member Experience & Systems Development Officer
9788 2506

Member Services

The Member Services’ role is to make our member’s journey as seamless as possible. The team field and answer general enquiries and provide support and resources for our members, affiliates, breed clubs and the surrounding community as the digitisation of the organisation continues.

Eamon Bowler
Manager - Member Services & Development
9788 2509

Dylan Menadue
Member Services & Digital Coordinator
9788 2513


The marketing team at Dogs Victoria drives brand awareness and promotion of services through multiple channels such as social media, our website and events. With the inclusion of our in-house graphic designer, the marketing function is also responsible for creating messages and imagery that best communicate our values and beliefs.

Nikki Cuffe
Graphic Designer
9788 2529

Chelsea Dawidowski
Engagement & Marketing Officer
9788 2527


The finance department’s key responsibilities include: financial transactions such as invoicing, payments, and payroll. This also includes the integration of membership and registrations transactions. The finance department also secure the organisation’s ongoing operations through planning and budgeting of funds.

Priscilla Renaud
Finance Coordinator
9788 2516

Wence Panong
Finance Officer
9788 2502


The Compliance Department of Dogs Victoria acts as the liaison point between Complainants (those making a complaint), the Respondent (the person about whom the compliant is made) and appointed Committee representatives, in accordance with the VCA and ANKC Rules and Regulations.

Sean Orr
Community Liaison & Field Officer
0455 020 467

Hugo Birch
Compliance, Communications & Engagement Officer
9788 2524

Dr Linda Beer
Education & Best Practice Advisor
9788 2526


The facilities department ensure the KCC Park and Bulla Park facilities are kept clean, tidy and maintained. The facilities officers will assist in the setup of performance and dog sporting events, as well as, helping our vendors and event coordinators provide professional services for our community.

Geoff Musgrave
Facilities Officer - KCC Park
0448 712 928

Rosemaree Arceri
Facilities Officer - Bulla
0448 699 337