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Friday, 20 January 2023

The Scent Work Committee will be holding a meeting from 11am to 4pm on Saturday, 4th February 2023 at KCC Park in the German Shepherd Dog Rooms to discuss and vote on the Rule Review submissions. Please read the Submissions HERE and be prepared for discussions. Regional members (200+ km from Melbourne) may link into the Zoom meeting but there are limited spaces available. Please contact Judy Pillinger 0427 434667 or for further information and Zoom link.


Wednesday, 18 January 2023

At the November 2022 meeting of the management committee held on 14 December 2022 management committee resolved the following in relation to online catalogues;

Online Catalogue


That at all shows in Victoria that are serviced by online providers must provide an online catalogue before the commencement of the show.

As well as this ring stewards are to be provided with a hard copy of the group they are stewarding for, and a hard copy must be available at the secretary’s office.

Animal Welfare Law Reforms

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

The Victorian Government is preparing to implement law reform of the current Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986
In September 2022, the Victorian Government released the "Plan for Victoria’s new animal care and protection laws" for community consultation. The plan has broad-ranging implications for how animal welfare is governed in Victoria. The plan seeks to increase the regulation of animal-related activities and enhance the already extensive powers of enforcement officers.
Dogs Victoria has advocated on behalf of in interests all members by lodging a formal submission in response to the proposed plan. Members are encouraged to read Dogs Victoria's submission, which is available on our website here

Community consultation on the plan is now closed. Dogs Victoria would like to thank all members who provided their own feedback or submissions. 
The Victorian Government intends to release a draft Bill of the reformed legislation in 2023.

We are Updating our Membership and Renewal Forms

Thursday, 11 August 2022

In September 2021, the Victorian Government approved changes to the 'Guidelines for Applicable Organisations', including conditions of membership that will affect Dogs Victoria and all its members.

As a consequence, Dogs Victoria is changing its membership application and renewal forms to reflect the changes to the Guidelines and to ensure that we are meeting (or exceeding) the requirements to continue to maintain this important Applicable Organisation status. 

You will probably notice that there are additional sections that you will be required to read and agree to when your next renewal comes around – please take the time to read them carefully!

What is Applicable Organisation status, and why is it important?

As one of only two dog-related associations that the Minister has granted 'Applicable Organisation' status to, Dogs Victoria Members receive some significant concessions under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, including:

  1. Local Council registration concessions for entire animals
  2. Exemption from Local Council 'compulsory desexing' orders.
  3. Recognition of Dogs Victoria Breeder Prefix holders as 'Recreational Breeders' which exempts them from the requirement of registering with their Local Council as a Domestic Animal Business (Breeding) provided that they have no more than 10 'fertile adult females'

The approval of any organisation as an Applicable Organisation requires the organisation to have a Member Code of Ethics, a compliance and dispute process, to commit to educating its members in relation to government legislation and Codes of Practice, and to report each year back to the Minister in relation to their operations.

Want More Information?

You can read the updated 'Guidelines for Applicable Organisations' by Clicking Here.

You can read more about Applicable Organisations and Recreational Breeders by Clicking Here.

Animal Welfare Victoria has also produced a Fact Sheet that further explains what being a member of an Applicable Organisation means and answers some common questions regarding the exemptions – Click Here to Read the Fact Sheet.

Important Notice for Dogs Victoria Breeders

Friday, 8 July 2022

Recently the RSPCA has been quite active in relation to encouraging members of the public to report ‘animal sales’ that are taking place in public places.

This has led to a number of our breeder members expressing concern that they may be in breach of the law (and therefore may get reported) when meeting puppy purchasers at a dog show or event to deliver a puppy to its new owners.

Dogs Victoria has sought clarification from Animal Welfare Victoria on this matter so as to provide increased clarity for Dogs Victoria breeders in relation to this law. 

"Provided that the actual sale of the animal has already taken place (i.e. the financial transaction has already occurred), then delivery at a public place is acceptable without an animal sales permit".

We understand that many well-meaning breeders arrange to meet puppy purchasers at a show or event to reduce the distance required to be travelled, especially if the breeder was already planning on attending the event.

There are a number of reasons where an ‘Animal Sale Permit’ would be required – such as breed clubs who undertake breed rescue hosting an ‘adoption day’, or where a breeder planned to take pups to an event in order to promote their sale (i.e. the sale has not yet occurred).

Animal Welfare Victoria has a Fact Sheet on the topic which explains Animal Sales Permits, and when they are required, you can view it by clicking here.

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