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Monday, June 5, 2023


Press Release For Registered Breeders

Friday, 2 June 2023

Dogs Victoria Registered Breeders
We understand that navigating all of the requirements and regulations that apply to breeders can be confusing and a little overwhelming – especially for breeders who have been breeding for a long time and who have seen the rules change, and change again!
The Dogs Victoria Breeder Committee is constantly striving to assist ALL Dogs Victoria Breeders whether they are breeding their first litter or have been breeding dogs for decades.  
In the last few years, we have undertaken a number of initiatives to better educate new breeders and to assist all existing Dogs Victoria breeders comply with both the Dogs Victoria and State Government requirements that apply to breeders.  This has included:
  • The introduction of the Dogs Victoria Breeder Education Package to replace the old 'Prefix Exam'.
  • Development of more than 30 short 'Fact Sheets' on topics related to breeding (with more to come).
  • Introduction of the Breeder Notification Letters; a proactive system to help educate breeders and prevent breaches of the 'three litters in 18 months' rule. 
  • Development of a completely revamped 'New Puppy Guide' full of information to help your new owners navigate those first few months with their puppy.
We are very excited to announce that the 2nd Edition of the Dogs Victoria Breeder Education Booklet has just been released, with updated and expanded content.
We would encourage ALL breeders, regardless of how long they have held their prefix, to take a look through this wonderful resource which is available either as a hard copy (which you can purchase through the Dogs Victoria Office) or as a free PDF download.
The Breeder Education Booklet provides an excellent summary of the current requirements – whether they be Dogs Victoria requirements, State Government or Local Council Requirements, and is relevant to all breeders.  
If you are not sure about a current rule or requirement for breeders, the Breeder Education Booklet will have the answer in a simple, easy-to-read format.
To pair with its release, Dogs Victoria has also updated and simplified all of the Breeder Template documents to better assist breeders with their record-keeping requirements.  
The new template documents are now mostly single-page, and simple to understand and complete.  During their development, they have been extensively trialled and evaluated by breeders, vets and Dogs Victoria staff to ensure they are easy for everyone to use.
There are currently eight updated templates:

Of course, you are more than welcome to develop your own documents to meet the requirements, or your veterinarian may already have a template they have developed themselves that they prefer to use – that is fine!
The new templates will be available for download from the Dogs Victoria website whenever you need them, but we thought that you might like a copy of each template to keep on your records. 
We have also made finding the templates on the Dogs Victoria website a little easier with all of these resources now located under a new ‘Breeder Resources’ tab.  
So which ones will I need to use – and when?
As a Dogs Victoria breeder who holds a prefix, you MUST have a documented 'Health Management Plan' and one (or more) 'Veterinary Services Agreement', regardless of whether or not you are actively breeding litters.
All of your breeding animals require an 'Annual Health Check', and those that you are breeding for the first time must have a 'Clearance to Commence Breeding' (which can be done at the time of the annual health check).  
If you plan on breeding an older girl, you may need to use the 'Over 8 Breeding Clearance' to make sure that she is fit and healthy for breeding.
When it comes time to have a litter, there are templates for your 'Breeder Health Declaration' (a requirement at the time of sale), and a 'Puppy Health check' your veterinarian can complete for each puppy.   There is also the 'Post Whelping Veterinary Check' for the mother of the litter.
We have also included a 'Breeder Checklist' for you – stepping you through all of the requirements and due diligence required when breeding a litter.
Dogs Victoria's Breeder Committee and staff also plan to run some online training seminars in the coming months to further assist our breeders, and to answer any questions relating to the current requirements.
If you have any questions in relation to your paperwork and record-keeping requirements, and how these templates may help you, please do not hesitate to contact

Jason Eggleton | Chief Executive

Online membership renewals

Friday, 12 May 2023


The ability to renew memberships via the online portal has been restored. 
To log in, please click here. 

Lure Coursing Rule Review Process

Monday, 8 May 2023


Dogs Australia have announced that the process for potential rule changes for Dogs Australia Lure Coursing for the new rules and regulations to take effect from 1 January 2025 are to commence now.

Please click here to view the full notice for details.

Victorian Canine Association Management Committee Elections 2023

Wednesday, 19 April 2023

Victorian Canine Association Management Committee Elections 2023 

Management Committee Election 

At the close of nominations at 4 pm on Monday 9 January 2023 eight nominations were received for the five vacancies on the management committee. 

The scrutiny and count of ballot papers received before the close of voting at 5 pm on Tuesday 4 April 2023, was conducted on Wednesday 5 April 2023 at the Victorian Electoral Commission, Level 4, 530 Collins St, Melbourne. 

The following first preference votes were polled by the candidates, listed below in ballot paper order: 

Formal Ballot Papers included in count: 1,387 

Informal ballot Papers: 29 

Total Ballot Papers: 1,416 

Quota: 232

PARK, Mal 175 

TRIMBLE, Raelene 216 

HUMPHRIES, Kathleen May 235 

MILFORD, Jake 219 

PATCHETT, James 100 

TAYLOR, Dale N 188 

CARR, Gwenda Rae 112 

HARTFORD, Jason 142

Following the distribution of ballot papers and pursuant to Rule 2.74 of the VCA In Rules, I hereby certify the result of the election and declare the following five candidates elected. 

Kathleen May HUMPHRIES - 1st elected Four year term 

Raelene TRIMBLE - 2nd elected Four year term 

Jake MILFORD - 3rd elected Four year term 

Dale N. TAYLOR - 4th elected Two year term 

Mal PARK - 5th elected One year term 

Susan Thompson
Returning Officer 


Monday, 13 February 2023


We have been notified that some of our members have been targeted for inspections by local laws officers due to advertisements for dog sales posted on online classifieds such as Gumtree, Trading Post, and Facebook Marketplace.

To ensure that our members comply with the legislation, we would like to remind you to confirm your Pet Exchange Register account details and animal registrations with your local council are up-to-date. This will help avoid discrepancies that could trigger an inspection.

As a reminder, the following details must be included in advertisements once the litter is born:

        A valid Source Number
        Microchip numbers for each dog being sold
        Your Dogs Victoria membership number, and
        The text

"Please contact Dogs Victoria on email: to verify my membership."

Please refer to our Fact Sheet for more information on advertising animals for sale.

Only members with a current financial Breeders Prefix can register for a Source Number associated with their Dogs Victoria membership. Invalid Source Numbers are reported to the Pet Exchange Register for review. For more information on becoming a Dogs Victoria Breeder, please see our Fact Sheet.

We take our Regulations seriously and routinely take compliance action against members who are in breach, including unregistered breeding. If you would like to report a potential breach, you may send a tip-off to

We appreciate your cooperation in helping to maintain a professional and compliant canine community.

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