Government Legislation

Dogs Victoria's Applicable Organisation (AO) status

What is an Applicable Organisation?


Under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, the Minister for Agriculture has the authority to grant ‘Applicable Organisation’ status (for up to three years) to organisations that that oversee breeders and breeding of companion animals.

Key requirements for applicable organisations include:

  • a code of conduct or ethics that is mandatory for all members and equivalent to the minimum standards required by Victorian legislation
  • enforcement of its code of conduct/ethics and sufficient communication and education to members to ensure that they can comply with relevant Victorian legislation
  • reporting annually to the Minister in accordance with the Domestic Animals Act.

You can read more about Applicable Organisation status by visiting the Department of Agriculture website

What does this mean for Dogs Victoria Members?


All applicable organisation members are entitled to reduced local council animal registration fees, and their animals are exempted from local council desexing orders.

In addition, breeding members (holders of a Dogs Victoria Prefix) termed 'Recreational Breeders' receive exemptions from domestic animal business requirements under the Domestic Animals Act.


Reporting Requirements 

Dogs Victoria reports to the Minister for Agriculture annually on our activities.

This includes providing the Minister with evidence relating to governance, compliance activities, member and breeder education.

Every three years, we are required to re-apply for this status, and must demonstrate that we are meeting all of the Guidelines for Applicable Organisations.