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2018 Retrieving & Field Trial Hall of Fame

Thursday, 19 July 2018

The 2018 inductees to the Retrieving & Field Trial Hall of Fame have been announced.  Read the full press release from ANKC Ltd here

Dogs Victoria Subcommittees

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Management Committee are calling for EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST from Dogs Victoria members wishing to join a subcommittee. 

Your application to join a subcommittee should be sent to Jacinta Baker at the Dogs Victoria office and should include a brief CV including details of previous club / committee / administrative experience.

All applicants should familiarise themselves with the role of the subcommittee. This information is located on the Dogs Victoria website under Member Resources and can be found by clicking here

Animal Welfare Victoria - new Facebook page

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

To stay updated with Animal Welfare Victoria (government department) developments as they relate to the Regulations from the Domestic Animals Act, head over to their new Facebook page, just launched this week.

ANKC Press Release - Kangal Shepherd Dog

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

A press release from ANKC Ltd can be read here regarding the Kangal Shepherd Dog.

KCC Park Boxhall Pavilion - Eighth Ring

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

At the Management Committee meeting held in June 2018 it was agreed that when an all breeds championship show and a breed club show are being held at KCC Park, and there is inclement weather, the eighth ring in the Pavilion can be used. 

Domestic Animals Bill - Updated Fact Sheets

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Dogs Victoria have been provided with three updated fact sheets regarding the Domestic Animals Act, with further information about the source number and the Pet Exchange Register - read more here.  If you require further information, members are encouraged to send their feedback and questions to Animal Welfare Victoria via or 136 186.

Members should note that Animal Welfare Victoria have indicated their intent to introduce further regulations that will make a source number mandatory for all breeders, regardless of whether they advertise.  We will seek further details from Animal Welfare Victoria on the detail and timing of these future regulations. 

Model Health Management Plan

Thursday, 21 June 2018

A condition of Applicable Organisation status is that Dogs Victoria’s Codes of Practice comply with requirements set by the Victorian Government.  Breeders maintaining a Health Management Plan is one of these.

Dogs Victoria has developed this Plan for its breeder members, so they do not need to develop their own.
Click here to read more.

Member Update - Code of Practice

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Members will be aware that Dogs Victoria has been undertaking a review of our Code of Practice. While we have always maintained that Dogs Victoria’s members and breeders set the standards in welfare and animal management practices, our review has found that our Code of Practice needs to be improved to provide better information and guidance to members and the broader community. It needs to also reflect regulatory and legislative changes made both recently and over a number of years prior to now.

With that in mind, Management Committee has made a number of amendments to the Code to provide clarity and guidance on areas such as record keeping, the health and welfare of breeding dogs and bitches, puppy health guarantees and in the requirements around breeding where hereditary diseases may be a concern.

A copy of the revised Code of Practice is available HERE and becomes effective 15 August 2018.  Members are encouraged to read and provide feedback to our dedicated email.

While many of these changes reflect legal requirements, others are in keeping with advances in veterinary care and welfare practices.  It is worth noting that governments are increasing animal welfare regulation, particularly around the breeding of domestic animals.  While we are familiar with our own experience in Victoria, member breeders in South Australia and Queensland are also now required to follow new welfare regulatory frameworks. Western Australia and New South Wales are in the consultative processes for new welfare regulations/legislation as well. It is clear that, as attitudes to pet ownership have changed over time, governments now view animal welfare as a core community concern.

While we welcome better understanding by community and governments of animal welfare and care, we need to ensure that any regulatory changes are workable.  For our members, of utmost importance is the need to keep our independent, self-regulatory status as an Applicable Organisation – something which we almost lost last year, before we successfully campaigned for amendments to the original Puppy Farm Bill.  While we have retained our status, we need to understand that Applicable Organisations are expected to set high standards in governance, animal welfare, management practices and breeder education, in return for the exemptions granted to them.    

In order to ensure that our members are well equipped to meet these benchmarks, Dogs Victoria will assist through the provision of templates and education.  These templates, which include a kennel health plan for breeders and a much improved sales contract (drawn up by solicitors) will provide both guidance and clarity for members in meeting our regulatory requirements. These templates are in the process of being finalised at the moment and will be made available to members shortly. There will also be a range of education tools and materials made available to affiliates and members to complement the templates.It is the strong view of Dogs Victoria that we must be proactive if we are to maintain credibility in our assertion that Dogs Victoria’s members and breeders set the benchmarks in terms of breeding, welfare and animal management practices. Therefore, Dogs Victoria’s role is to act both as an advocate and also to provide support for our members and pedigree dogs more generally, as we look at ways to improve our current structures and practices so that we are better prepared for the future. 

Expressions of interest sought – Investigations Committee

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Opportunities currently exist for suitably qualified members to join the Investigations Committee on a volunteer basis.

This challenging and varied role offers an opportunity to build well-honed skills in the art of investigation for those interested in a future career in this field, challenges those who wish to be challenged, offers an opportunity to become more involved with the organisation, enables a greater understanding of the Rules and Regulations governing Dogs Victoria and facilitates great personal reward as each case file investigation reaches conclusion.

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Dogs Victoria receives award

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Dogs Victoria was last week awarded recognition at the ‘Healthy Skin Awards 2018’, thanks to efforts from the Bulla Amenities Sub-committee who worked to bring the skin health awareness message to the dog showing community. Receiving the award on behalf of Dogs Victoria were Mr Greg Browne, who is himself a melanoma survivor, along with President and Vice President of the Bulla Amenities Sub Committee – Dr Linda Beer & Ms Julia Jones, as well as incoming President of Dogs Victoria, Mr Wayne Fleming.

The awards presented by the Skin & Cancer Foundation, acknowledge groups or individuals that are active in spreading the healthy skin message across a diverse range of age groups, especially those involved in outdoor pursuits or working in the sun. Dogs Victoria were one of five groups/individuals acknowledged on the night, held at the Melbourne Museum Gallery. During his acceptance speech, Mr Browne pointed out that participation in our fabulous hobby does unfortunately mean many hours outside in all kinds of weather. It is important that all members, young and old, take care of their skin and practice sun-safe habits so that they avoid the risk of melanoma and other skin cancers developing as a consequence of repeated exposure to the sun.

The Bulla Amenities Sub Committee held an active ‘skin health campaign’ at their ‘Autumn Extravaganza Shows’ earlier this year handing out hats and sunscreen to competitors and spectators, but they also plan to extend the skin health awareness message by offering discounted skin checks with qualified dermatologists in conjunction with the Skin & Cancer Foundation later this year. Any Dogs Victoria members who may be interested in taking advantage of this service are asked to send an expression of interest to Bulla Amenities Sub Committee via their Facebook page.