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Monday, August 19, 2019

Video ready to view

Friday, 16 August 2019

The livestream video of recently held Dogs Victoria Instructors’ Lecture can now be viewed here

New Discipline in 2020 - Trick Dog

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

At the 2019 Special Board meeting ANKC has recognized Trick Dog as a new sporting discipline from 1 January 2020 and will be under the umbrella of the ANKC Dances with Dogs Committee.

As a result, the following documents are now available to view:-

This information will be added to our Dogs Activities webpage shortly.  Any queries can be referred to Sue Cordwell via  Sue is the Chair of Dogs Victoria Dances with Dogs Sub-Committee & ANKC State Representative for Trick Dogs.

Bulla News

Friday, 9 August 2019

The Bulla Facilities Committee have been busy with ground improvements at Bulla Exhibition Centre.  Recent planting of the hedge row at the western end of the facility has recently been completed.

Our thanks to Grounds Maintenance Australia and the Bulla Facilities team for a job well done.

Dogs Victoria Instructors' Lecture - Wednesday 14 August

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Dogs Victoria’s OTEC is holding an Instructors’ Assessment Lecture next Wednesday 14 August at KCC Park commencing at 7.15pm.

Dogs Victoria has agreed to cover the costs of streaming this lecture for those unable to attend.  On the night, tune in via this link and note the following information points below.

  1. If you decide to watch the live stream you can ask questions via the comment section on the screen. These will be monitored on the night.
  2. It is important that the Assessment Scheme document is read prior to the lecture – click here to view. Please ensure that you have access to a copy during the lecture.
  3. It is not necessary to complete the form prior to the lecture. The form is only required if you decide to undertake the assessment.
  4. Due to the large numbers registering there will not be room to set up tables, so if attending in person, please ensure you bring a clipboard or similar if you wish to take notes together with pen and paper.

The lecture will commence promptly at 7.15pm with registrations from 6.45pm.  Light refreshments will also be provided.

WIN News - Coverage of Bendigo & Eaglehawk Shows

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Thanks to WIN News for this wonderful coverage of Bendigo and Eaglehawk Kennel Club shows, showcasing Dogs Victoria members and their purebred dogs at their best.

Click here to see the news footage which aired yesterday.

Procedures for Clubs - Calendar & Schedules

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Have you checked the calendar?

Clubs are reminded of the following:

  • If a club does not intend to hold an event which is listed on the calendar that they need to request to have the event removed. By doing so this will allow other clubs to hold their events on the busier weekends.
  • If a club intends to hold an additional event to what is on the calendar, this request must come to the office in writing at least six months in advance for approval by the Calendar & Events Committee, via the office. The request can either come on club letterhead or via the online form found here

Dogs Victoria regulation 3.5.3:
“Any affiliated body that wishes to change the date that has been allocated for the holding of a Championship Show, Open Show, Parade or Trial, shall make application for the change. No application will be considered within six (6) months of the scheduled date of such fixture”

Have you lodged your schedule?

  • Clubs MUST lodge their schedule for approval before they advertise their event. Monetary penalties are being imposed on clubs who do not lodge their schedules in the adequate time frame.
  • Judges contracts MUST be lodged with all schedules. Judges cannot be contracted for an event which has not been approved onto the calendar.
  • Clubs must make sure that if they are lodging schedule all events are listed have been approved and placed on the Dogs Victoria calendar.

Dogs Victoria regulation 7.6.6:
“Fixture schedules that require publication must be submitted to the Dogs Victoria office for approval at least FOUR months prior to the first of the month in which the fixture is being held. Fixture schedules not being published must be submitted to the office for approval at least THREE months prior to the first of the month in which the fixture is being held.”

Our Frequently Asked Questions (Club Requirements) webpage has been created as a reference point for your convenience.



Entries Closing Soon

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

A reminder to our members that entries close for the Royal Melbourne Show this Friday 2 August 2019 at 5pm.  Baby Puppy entries close on Tuesday 20 August 2019 at 5pm.

Enter today and be part of the action and prestige of the All Breeds Championship Show at the 2019 Royal Melbourne Show.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Ring Allocation - Dogs Victoria Bulla Exhibition Centre

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Following feedback received from members, Management Committee have agreed to cease the 12-month trial, where the Dogs Victoria office staff allocated a group to the inside ring, for all breeds shows held at the Dogs Victoria Bulla Exhibition Centre.

Management Committee encourage all breeds clubs utilising this venue to rotate the group allocated, to the indoor ring for their shows and outdoor rings for general specials, at their discretion.

2019 Proposed ANKC Rule Changes for Obedience & Rally

Thursday, 25 July 2019

In the links below you can view Dogs Victoria submission to the ANKC in relation to the National review of both ANKC Obedience and Rally rule books.

These documents were collated by OTEC following the meeting with both judges and handlers in May 2019.

Rubbish at KCC Park

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Our facilities at KCC Park are the envy of many dog enthusiasts around the world. It is a world class facility owned by the members for the members. However, we need to take care of it.
A simple start would be to clean up all the rubbish that we generate at shows and place in the bins provided. Pick up all our dog droppings and dispose correctly.
Sadly at recent shows, our new off lead areas have had multiple dog faeces left in them. In addition, exhibitors using the indoor pavilion have left rubbish on the floor and outside the pavilion litter ranging from coffee cups to cigarette butts. Dog clippings from dogs exhibited at our events is another issue. If you do groom your dog, please clean up all hair left on the ground and dispose correctly. Sadly we even had nappies left on the ground!
We have received more complaints after the three shows and various outdoor activities at KCCP last weekend from members not picking up their dog droppings all over KCC Park. This includes the off lead exercise areas, garden beds next to the pavilion, back of the pavilion, and even multiple dog droppings all over the front mound along Westernport Highway.
This is extremely disappointing and we ask all individuals to be responsible dog owners and show courtesy to their fellow members. Picking up after your dog also means you are doing the right thing by the environment. Some dog droppings contain harmful bacteria and nutrients. When dog droppings are left outdoors and it rains, harmful bacteria from these droppings can be washed down the drains and end up in local creeks.
Remember at KCC Park – ‘Bag It and Bin It.’

If a member sees someone not picking up after their dog, please ask them to do so. We have multiple bins/scoopers across the site, please use them.
So we ask one and all to be respectful when using your member facility and be appreciative of the privilege. If we do not care for our Park, no one will. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.
If you have any ideas, comments or concerns, or want to become a volunteer and join the Friends of the Park group please contact Janet at Dogs Victoria via
Chris Moore
KCC Park Facilities Committee
“Building a Better Park”

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