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Constitution, Rules & Regulations

The VCA Constitution, Rules, Regulations, Codes, Policies and Procedures are the framework for the governance of the VCA. Members should note the importance of knowing which elements relate to all members and which relate to specific activities. The constitution and rules apply to all elements of the VCA and therefore apply to all members regardless of the activities a member may be involved in.


(effective 15 August 2017)
Download the VCA Constitution (.pdf)


(effective 15 August 2021)
Download the VCA Rules (.pdf)


VCA Regulations, Codes, Policies & Procedures 
(effective 15 October 2021)
Download the VCA Regulations (.pdf)

Information from the Justice Department

Following correspondence from Justice Dept (read letter). 21st September, members are advised that our Rules are to be read in conjunction with the following under the Association Incorporations Reform Act 2012 (the Act).

At the 2016 AGM a Special Resolution will be submitted to confirm the requirement of the registrar in relation to these rules.

  • Schedule 1 – Matter 15

Provision for members to have access to, and to be able to obtain copies of, minutes of general meetings, including financial statements submitted at general meetings

  • Schedule 1 – Matter 16

Rights of access (if any) by members to minutes of meetings of the committee, including any terms and conditions subject to which access may be granted

Model Rule 75 - Custody of inspection of books and records

  1. Members may on request inspect free of charge-
    1. the register of members;
    2. the minutes of general meetings;
    3. subject to subrule (2), the financial records, books, securities and any other relevant document of the Association, including minutes of Committee meetings.
  2. The Committee may refuse to permit a member to inspect records of the Association that relate to confidential, personal, employment, commercial or legal matters or where to do so may be prejudicial to the interests of the Association.
  3. The Committee must on request make copies of these rules available to members and applicants for membership free of charge.
  4. Subject to subrule (2), a member may make a copy of any of the other records of the Association referred to in this rule and the Association may charge a reasonable fee for provision of a copy of such a record.
  5. For purposes of this rule—
    relevant documents means the records and other documents, however compiled, recorded or stored, that relate to the incorporation and management of the Association and includes the following—
    1. its membership records;
    2. its financial statements;
    3. its financial records;
    4. records and documents relating to transactions, dealings, business or property of the Association.

ANKC Rules and Regulations

Members can view ANKC RulesANKC Regulations and other updates via these links and on the ANKC website under 'About Us'.


All members are bound by Codes covering ethics, breeding and selling, hereditary diseases, social media and behaviour as detailed in the regulations. See Part 20 of the Regulations, above.

Each member, upon signing an application for membership or renewal of memberhip of the VCA, and being duly elected to general membership of the VCA, shall, be bound by the Constitution, Rules and Regulations, Code of Practice, policies and procedures of Dogs Victoria and the Domestic Animals Act 1994 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986, the Code of Practice for the Private Keeping of Dogs. Members of the VCA agree be also bound by the VCA's Code of Practice relating to responsible dog ownership, including the keeping, welfare, breeding, selling and disposing of dogs by members.

VCA Procedures - Incidents or complaints at fixtures

Download the VCA Procedures - Incidents or complaints at fixtures (.pdf)

Unless management committee directs otherwise a fee of $250 is payable with all complaints lodged with Dogs Victoria. Where the complaint is lodged with the VCA representative at a fixture, the complainant must forward the $250 complaint fee to the Dogs Victoria Chief Executive within five working days of the date the complaint was lodged. in all other cases the fee must be lodged with the complaint. Note: Where the complaint results in disciplinary action and the complaint is found to be justified the complaint fee will be refunded to the complainant.

VCA Procedures - Dog Incidents

VCA Penalty Guidelines 

(Amended 15/08/18)

For a list of penalty guidelines please click here (.pdf).

Code of Practice for the private keeping of dogs

Please be advised that the Code of Practice for the Private Keeping of dogs falls under the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986. The Code provides the minimum standards of accommodation, management and care appropriate to the physical and behavioural requirements of dogs kept under private ownership. Please see the Law and You for more information.

VCA Meetings

Persons involved in a meeting of the VCA, or a meeting, hearing or the like of a VCA committee are to conduct themselves ... click here for more information (.pdf).


Victoria Canine Association Inc. (VCA) trades under the registered business name of Dogs Victoria.