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Compliance Procedure

What is the role of the Compliance Department?
The Compliance Manager/Officer perform an administrative function by facilitating the process as this relates to a complaint. The full process may be viewed under VCA Constitution, Rules & Regulations

The Compliance Department is the liaison point between Complainants (those making a complaint), the Respondent (the person about whom the compliant is made) and Committee representatives.

The Compliance team do not have decision making or investigative power. This role is accorded appointed Committees in the process. Committees include: Management Committee, Investigations Committee, Mediation Committee, Disciplinary Committee and Appeals Committee.

The Compliance Department ensures that matters are progressed through the approved system for dealing with complaint matters, ensuring that all parties are afforded an opportunity to be heard.

It is important to note that Dogs Victoria do not have the power to award monetary compensation. As a member based organisation, it falls within our purview to determine breach or compliance with the Code, Constitution, Rules and/or Regulations. Should financial compensation be the outcome you are seeking, it may also be necessary to lodge a civil claim (e.g. VCAT).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that the Compliance Department is unable to engage in any communication relating to the CONTENT of a case. The reason for this is that any such dialogue may be seen to prejudice a case. The role of the Compliance Department is administrative, facilitating the progress of a case file through approved procedural channels.

Further information regarding our Compliance Procedure / Complaints can be found here.

To contact the Compliance Department please email