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The Role of the VCA Representative

The management committee believes it is essential to have a VCA representative at all approved exhibitions other than members' competitions and dog matches. It is mandatory for a club [exhibition committee] to appoint a VCA representative.

The role of the VCA representative is as follows:

  • to submit a report to the VCA management committee on the conduct of the exhibition
  • to provide advice and guidance to the exhibition committee and to VCA members
  • in the case of incidents/complaints indicating prejudicial conduct at the exhibition;
  • to conduct a preliminary investigation to gather evidence and statements
  • to determine whether the incident/complaint constitutes prejudicial conduct
  • if the incident/complaint constitutes prejudicial conduct, charge the respondent and instruct the respondent to appear before a hearing committee
  • submit a full report to the VCA management committee, or where a hearing has been conducted, assist the hearing committee to compile a full report on the matter to the management committee

From the VCA Regulations, Code, Policies, and Procedures

3.5.9 VCA Reps

  •   All Clubs must engage a VCA Representative for all Exhibitions with the exception of Members Competitions and Dog Matches, from the published list of accredited members, and publish the name of the representative in the show catalog. Where two or more clubs share a venue on the same day, the appointed co-ordinating Secretary may in consultation with the other Clubs engage a VCA Representative for the day, and advise the other Clubs accordingly. Alternatively, a Club may engage its own Representative.
  •   A Judge or Show Official on the day or a committee person of the club conducting the exhibition cannot be the VCA Representative. Where an incident arises and there is a conflict or perceived conflict of interest with the appointed VCA Rep, the affiliate shall appoint an alternative VCA Rep to deal with that incident.
  •   The VCA Representative is appointed to attend, observe and report to the Management Committee on the general administration and conduct of the Committee conducting the exhibition and to report on any incident which occurs at the fixture, which in their opinion should be brought to the notice of the VCA Management Committee.