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Who we are

About Dogs Victoria


Dogs Victoria (Victorian Canine Association) is the peak body representing owners and breeders of purebred dogs in Victoria and has a history dating back to 1877. More than 280 individual clubs representing a single breed, a group of breeds or all breeds are affiliated with Dogs Victoria.  Dogs Victoria is a member of the Australian National Kennel Council

Our core purpose is to promote and protect purebred dogs, however we offer inclusive activities for crossbred dogs to join in activities such as agility and obedience.


An organisation was established to oversee and facilitate kennel, poultry and feline activities during the 1860's however records are sketchy and details cannot be confirmed. It is recorded that in 1877 an organisation was formed - or re-formed - called the Victorian Poultry and Dog Society which primarily directed its interests to the promotion of poultry, until 1880 when it conducted its first dog show. In order to progress the 'Dog Fancy' (monthly magazine) the Victorian Poultry and Kennel Club was formed to take over its activities and established a purebred stud book in January 1889. This was the forerunner of what is known today as the Victorian Canine Association Inc.

In the 1920's a further two associations were formed virtually in competition with the Victorian Poultry and Kennel Club; firstly in 1923 the Victorian Kennel Association, then in 1928 the Canine Control Council, the latter being closely associated with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria.

Finally, in 1930 all three joined hands and relinquished their individuality in the cause of harmony and unity and their selected representatives formed the Kennel Control Council of Victoria, later to be renamed the Victorian Canine Association. In its first year of operation the KCC gained 333 members and 23 affiliated clubs. Today the Victorian Canine Association Inc has over 8000 members and 280 affiliated clubs. In mid 2007 the Victorian Canine Association introduced a trading name being Dogs Victoria.

The main activities of Dogs Victoria include:
  1. Formal registration of purebred dogs and pups/litters.
  2. Representation of the viewpoints of members to the Victorian and local governments, and through the ANKC to the federal government.
  3. Promotion of purebred dogs through a monthly magazine, website and community promotions incorporating our 280 affiliated clubs.
  4. Licencing and regulating dog-based events.
  5. Promoting excellence in dog behaviour, health, companionship, work, community acceptance and responsible dog ownership. Maintaining pure breed standards and education.
  6. Overseeing and sanctioning more than 700 events annually.

Mission Statement

Dogs Victoria Vision

To be consistently recognised in the community as a professional organisation which manages a vibrant, progressive and responsible purebred canine organisation. To be clearly recognised and respected by state and local governments as the organisation responsible for purebred canine activities in Victoria.

Dogs Victoria Mission

To sanction dog events and to maintain a registry for purebred dogs and to preserve its integrity. Promoting interest in and sustaining the breeding for type and function of purebred dogs and to take all necessary actions to protect the interest, growth and continuation of the sport of all dogs.

Dogs Victoria values and promise

We act: 
* with integrity at all times

We will: 
* ensure the interests of purebred dogs are paramount in all we do 
* protect and enhance the rights of purebred dog owners and members 
* deliver high quality value for money core services to our members 
* provide ongoing quality education to breeders, judges and owners of purebred dogs
* deliver valued products and services to our members using our group buying power

We are: 
* committed to our employees

Life Members

Dogs Victoria (Victorian Canine Association) and Kennel Control Council of Victoria honour those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the sport of purebred dogs.  Click on the link below to view a list of VCA/KCC life members.

Life Members (amended 7/3/23)

Facilities and Assets

Dogs Victoria owns extensive facilities at Cranbourne (Skye) - KCC Park - State Dog Centre, and has a leasehold at its new northern home, the Bulla Exhibition Centre, at the Calabria Club in Bulla.

Current liquid and fixed assets are in excess of $4.75 million.

Intellectual assets include an extensive canine library, the Dogs Victoria database of dog registration and membership details, plus knowledge and experience held by key members of the association and by staff of many years' standing.

Member & Community Services

Education and Training

Education and training is seen to be an area of significant importance. A variety of programs and services such as grooming and handling classes, puppy socialising sessions, seminars and lectures on veterinary and breeding issues are conducted on a regular basis. Provision of such quality programs is an ongoing function of Dogs Victoria.

Laurie Luxmoore Library

The Dogs Victoria library is reputed to be one of the finest collections in Australia. It houses over 7,000 items of interest on dogs. These include books, videos, journals, and magazines from Australian and overseas sources, Australian pedigrees covering 100 years, a complete set of UK stud books, and indexed articles on all canine subjects. A most valuable resource for reference and further education.

Community education and promotion of responsible dog ownership

Regular visits to regional centres and municipal "pet days" promote responsible dog ownership throughout the Victorian community.

Voice to Governments / Government recognition

Dogs Victoria is recognised by government as a responsible authority on canine affairs and represents canine interests at local, state and federal government levels. The association is represented on the Government Animal Welfare Advisory Committee which advises the Minister for Agriculture on all matters concerning the welfare of animals.

Canine Health & Research

Working towards improved canine health through reduction of incidence of hereditary diseases and contributions towards research into specific health problems is an important role of Dogs Victoria. The continued support for canine research by Dogs Victoria is acknowledged by the veterinary profession as a significant contribution to canine health.