Australian Kelpie


Brief History
The Kelpie was developed during the 19th century as a breed able to work sheep on the vast outback properties under harsh and variable conditions. Their hardiness and ability to work long hours makes the Kelpie invaluable for the farmers, and they have been exported to many countries overseas where they have been used for managing a variety of stock.

Average Life Span
When considering a dog, please realise that you are taking it on for its lifetime.

The average life span is 12 to 16 years.

Cheeky, mischievous with lots of personality, Kelpies thrive on company and activity.  They can be reserved with strangers, which makes them good watchdogs, but they are generally not aggressive.

General Breed Description
A medium size, short coated breed, the Kelpie is lithe, athletic and muscular. They are highly intelligent and eager to please. Devoted to their family, they make an excellent pet. They come in a variety of colours including black, black and tan, red, red and tan, chocolate, fawn and blue.

Coat and Care Requirements
With a wash and wear, short coat which requires little maintenance, the Kelpie needs more frequent attention when moulting – maybe once a year. A regular brush and comb, plus a bath when necessary, will keep him looking very smart.

Height: Males 46 to 51cms (18 to 20ins), Females 43 to 48cms (17 to 19ins).

All breeds have individual health issues. When speaking to breeders it is recommended you enquire about breed’s health and what health testing the breeder does. The Kelpie is generally a healthy breed, however health conditions do occur occasionally. These may include Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA/ataxia). 

The breed adapts well to being a family pet, but as with all breeds, children and pets should always be supervised when together. They are a very social breed and enjoy companionship.

In Conclusion
Now you know a little more about this breed. If you have decided this is the dog for you and wish to investigate further, please contact the Breed Club or Dogs Victoria. They will be able to give you information about available puppies and also suggest dog events where you can see the breed and speak to breeders. In this way you will gain a better perspective of the breed and its needs. With any breed of dog, it is important to research and determine suitability for your lifestyle before committing to a puppy which will be a part of your family for many years to come.

Whilst many breeds are recommended for families, it is imperative that when children are with dogs they are supervised at all times. Basic obedience training is a vital part of dog ownership.

Dogs Victoria is about the responsible ownership of all dogs and in particular the preservation of pure breeds.


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