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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Position Statement

Dogs Victoria (also known as the Victorian Canine Association Incorporated) is the peak representative body of pedigree registered dog owners and breeders in Victoria. There are approximately eight thousand members and 280 affiliated breed and kennel clubs registered with Dogs Victoria, which is also a member body of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). Dogs Victoria organises and supports canine events and activities that promote pedigree dogs and responsible dog ownership. Under the authority of the ANKC, we also administer pedigree registration of purebred breeds and work on breed health and preservation.

Dogs Victoria is consistently recognised within the broader community as the primary organisation that promotes responsible dog ownership and acts in the interest of pedigree dogs and their owners. In this capacity, Dogs Victoria represents the viewpoints of members to all levels of Government and the community.   

We support animal welfare regulation that is contemporary and underpinned by evidenced based policy that is transparent and effective. We also believe that Dogs Victoria can contribute much in the public discourse and education on animal welfare, drawing upon our members’ expertise in animal health, welfare and management.

Dogs Victoria sets a high standard for our members and leads the way in canine welfare through the following measures:

  • promoting responsible dog ownership with members though our publications, education programs, campaigns and events
  • running a breeder accreditation programs that includes education, mentorship and examination
  • promotion of responsible pet ownership and education of pedigree dogs to the community through public events, publications and campaigns
  • supporting research into canine health and disease prevention
  • assist and educate members on their legal requirements for animal husbandry, including breeding

Dogs Victoria supports responsible and ethical breeding practices, and our members are expected to provide life-long education, support and guidance for their puppy owners. Our dogs are intended to be healthy, loving and well-adjusted canine companions, fit for purpose and in loving homes that understand the responsibility of dog ownership. It is for these reasons that Dogs Victoria members should be the first point of call for anyone looking not only for a suitable canine companion, but to be part of a broader community whose mission is to safeguard the future of purebred dogs.