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Monday, June 17, 2019

Education Seminar Series

Dogs Victoria proudly presents ....


  • MONDAY 8 JULY 2019 AT 7PM
    Dr Robin Stanley from Animal Eye Care

    Read his biography here

    Topics to be covered:-

    ACES – Australian Canine Eye Scheme

    • How this scheme benefits breeders
    • How can you see the results and find out what is important to your breed
    • How to find a Veterinary Ophthalmologist to do the eye certification
    • What is involved in the ACES eye exam?
    • Do I need to do ACES tests?

DNA testing

    • What tests are available?
    • What does it mean?
    • What do I do?

Eye Conditions

Whenever I talk to Veterinarians and when I used to lecture to Veterinary Students I always start by talking about breed predisposition. Unfortunately eye diseases occur by breed.

    • Eyelids: entropion, ectropion, large eyelid openings, extra eyelashes, ectopic cilia, overly long eyelids.
    • Conjunctivitis: what you need to know.
    • Dry Eye: consider dry eye as an underlying cause of conjunctivitis, corneal disease.
    • Corneal Disease: corneal ulcers, corneal lipid dystrophy.
    • Uveitis: inflammation inside the eye.
    • Lens: cataract- cloudy lens, lens luxation.
    • Retina: retinal folds, retinal dysplasia, retinal detachment.
    • Sudden blindness.
    • Prominent Eyes:

  • MONDAY 26 AUGUST 2019 AT 7PM
    Dr Stuart Mason from Monash Veterinary Clinic

    Topic: Reproduction - When should I mate my bitch?

    Is Day 10, 12 and 14 from the onset of vaginal swelling and bleeding the correct time to mate my bitch?
    This lecture will discuss the normal cycle in the bitch in order to help in understanding how to appropriately manage the breeding cycle for optimal results.

    Dr Ray Ferguson from Monash Veterinary Clinic

    Topic: Treatment and Management of arthritis and care and support of the elderly dog

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Past Seminars

  • MONDAY 13 MAY 2019
    Dr Stuart Mason from Monash Veterinary Clinic
    Topic: Care and diseases of the neonate


    Dr Stuart Mason from Monash Veterinary Clinic
    Topic: Wh
    en should my dog be desexed?

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These workshops have now concluded.  Stay tuned for more seminars like this.

"Many thanks to Dogs Vic and Wendy for organising Nina's workshop yesterday.
It was a most informative day, in an easy to understand format and Nina was extremely approachable for advice and questions. The attendees yesterday were themselves so friendly and helpful, which for me, made for an even better experience’" – Deb Clack.

Content from Nina's workshop can be viewed below.