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Saturday, December 15, 2018

News from KCC Park Facilities Committee

This page has been created to keep members and clubs informed and updated of all current work-in-progress.

Management Committee has re-established the KCC Park Facilities Committee.

Chris Moore was appointed the Chair and the committee is now made up of the following members; David Barclay, Trevor Stevens, Stacey Sullivan and Vin McPhee.  The Committee is keen to improve the condition of the facility, develop a maintenance schedule and establish a 'Friends of the Park' army of volunteers.


Dogs Victoria Royal Canin Summer Spectacular Shows

Despite the weather, this year’s shows were a huge success.  Sadly, the first day last year was cancelled due to flooding and the cascading water running down the walls in the pavilion was a major concern.  After extensive maintenance on our drainage infrastructure this year, we had no flooding around the office or inside the pavilion despite more rain.  All the toilets worked as well!  The week prior we had to replace a burnt out pump in the septic system near the Pavilion which had been in service for about 20 years.

Due to the low lying terrain, when the surrounding properties become overwhelmed with large volumes of water, our external drains fill up.  To rectify this issue, we cut out a new drain around the small off leash area near the pavilion entrance which allowed water to run off without undermining the road which is also badly damaged - photos here.  We hope to repair the road over summer where it has been impacted by all the water.  We are also now looking at clearing the drains in Wedge Road.


KCC Park Facilities Committee Fundraising BBQ

Management Committee has approved the running of a Bunnings-style sausage sizzle at KCC Park events to enable clubs to raise funds selling sausages and onions in bread. Our committee is currently developing a booking process.

At the recent Summer Spectacular shows, the KCC Park Facilities Committee, with help from from Friends of the Park and family members, ran the BBQ for three nights - see them here.  Stacey Sullivan kindly donated a four burner BBQ - thank you Stacey.  On Friday all supplies for the BBQ were provided by Stacey, by the Moore family and Roger on Saturday and Julie and David Cartledge on Sunday.  Thank you to one and all who assisted.

Sadly the Dogs Victoria gazebo was damaged in the storm Sunday morning, so we regrouped and ran the stand from outside the Pavilion.

Lots of hard work by all involved and we raised almost $1500 towards member facilities!!!!

Thank you to everyone for supporting us.

'Volunteerism is currency that appreciates'

Chris Moore
Chair – KCC Park Facilities Committee


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