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Friday, October 19, 2018

News from KCC Park Facilities Committee

This page has been created to keep members and clubs informed and updated of all current work-in-progress.

Management Committee has re-established the KCC Park Facilities Committee.

Chris Moore was appointed the Chair and the committee is now made up of the following members; David Barclay, Trevor Stevens, Stacey Sullivan and Vin McPhee.  The Committee is keen to improve the condition of the facility, develop a maintenance schedule and establish a 'Friends of the Park' army of volunteers.


***Next Working Bee - Tuesday 13 November 2018***   read more


Park Update

Friday, 5 October 2018

The KCC Park Facilities committee has had a very busy few months since the new committee held its first meeting in May. The committee’s first task was focussing on core infrastructure.

The Storm Water System has been cleaned out. All the storm water including the roadway drains ends up in the lake. We have a large pump pit, with two large pumps that are key for moving all the water. Since we cleaned the pit out and serviced the pumps we have had no more water in the pavilion. The pit had a lot of debris, including bottles, balls and one pump inlet was blocked with a large piece of wood. One important lesson we need to ensure we pick up our litter. The waterfall inside the pavilion from Group 1 to Group 5 has been addressed, a camera was used to check all the drains, and the gutters and some drains were blocked. These have been cleaned out, and in recent storms the drains have worked correctly.

Front Lawn Remediation – after the cracks in the front lawn (Area 1) dead grass and weeds became a major issue earlier this year.  A turf contractor was employed to provide remediation by ways of herbicides and fertiliser, and top dress low lying ring areas. The sprinkler system was also checked, and found to not be working correctly. Final repairs to the sprinklers were completed last week, and the area is now looking vastly improved. Further work will be required at later stages on this area. The grass is also being left longer to allow all the new grass that was sewn to grow. Our main Kubota mower has also undergone extensive repairs. In the future the whole area will need top dressing. Area 1 is still closed unless a scheduled event is being held.

Class A Recycled Water – we are very fortunate to have access to the recycled water which is used in the housing estates and local farms, including the vegetable gardens. It is very safe. This water is used for watering all our lawns and flushing the toilets, and is critical when we have dry hot summers and water restrictions are imposed. This system was also failing over summer, and was not pumping enough water onto our lawns. This system has undergone major maintenance to ensure the pumps operate at their optimum capacity. We are now investigating installation of two additional storage tanks to provide more capacity.

Hole in Asphalt Entrance to Boxhall Pavilion Car Park – Sadly the roadway has been undermined by water coming off the dog storage sheds where the down pipes are no longer connected, which when it rains, floods the gravel car park, off lead area then under the roadway. Quotes have not been received to have the storm water issue addressed.

Birds in Pavilion – has been an ongoing issue, this year we replaced all the broken wire on the north and south ends of the pavilion, and wire open the open drains. This has dramatically reduced the number of birds, but we have not identified two main holes where birds are getting in. Quotes are being obtained to have these filled.

Classic Room Toilet Blockages - a major issue in summer. Core issue is the flushing incorrect man made items not toilet paper down them, which in high volumes blocks the toilets, we even had someone attempt to flush a catalogue down the toilet. Key message…use the bins provided for these items. The excess water on the floors, has been caused by folk soaking their cool coats in the hand basins. The tubs located outside the Classic room water tank should be used for this. All the site is run of several septic systems so we need to look after it. This month the inlet pipe from the Classic building to the septic tank will be enlarged, which should prevent the bulk of the blockages.

Leaking Concrete Water Tank Rear of Pavilion - this tank has been leaking for some time, and is required for our CFA fire fighting water storage. We are meeting with the CFA this month to determine what services are now required.

Your Club Wants To Assist Us With A Project I.E. Part/Whole Funding – we are keen to chat we are getting quotes for Pavilion lighting, vendor area upgrades, upgrading locks on pavilion doors, hot water units in pavilion, new stoves, fridges in Lyndhurst room etc. So please contact the committee and we would be happy discuss using some of your funds to help us with the members facilities. 

Have any issues with the facility or ideas – please notify Jacinta Baker

Thank you for your support

Chris Moore
Chair – KCC Park Facilities Committee


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