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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

News from KCC Park Facilities Committee

Management Committee has re-established the KCC Park Facilities Committee

Chris Moore was appointed the Chair and the committee is now made up of the following members; David Barclay, Trevor Stevens, Stacey Sullivan and Vin McPhee.  The Committee is keen to improve the condition of the facility, develop a maintenance schedule and establish a 'Friends of the Park' army of volunteers.

This page has been created to keep members and clubs informed and updated of all current work-in-progress.


Update - Wednesday 6 June 2018

The first stage of turf repairs are now complete.  The top dressing has been finalised and the entire area has been fully fertilised.

Exhibition Area 1 & Boxhall Pavillion

Commencing at 8am on Thursday 7th June, Exhibition Area 1 will be seeded with a hydro seeding machine.
We remind members that the entire front lawn is closed until further notice to enable the work to be completed.
Members can use exhibition areas 2, 3 (large off leash area), 6 and 7 in the meantime.  Refer KCC Park map

The installation of bird netting has commenced in the Boxhall Pavillion.

We thank you for your patience as improvements to KCC Park take place.


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Check out our new page entitled 'News from KCC Park Facilities Committee'.  Regular updates will be posted here to keep you informed of developments at YOUR member facility.

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