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Monday, March 1, 2021

News from KCC Park Facilities Committee

"Building a Better Park"

Chris Moore was appointed the Chair and the committee is now made up of the following members:-
David Barclay, Stacey Sullivan, Vin McPhee, Maureen Gostelow, Chris Warren and Steven Moustos.

The Committee is keen to improve the condition of the facility, develop a maintenance schedule and establish a 'Friends of the Park' army of volunteers.

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Working Bee Report - Wednesday 4 December 2019

The last Working Bee for the year took place earlier this month on a glorious sunny day by Friends of The Park. It was an outstanding success with garden planting some 200 shrubs and ground covers. The site was then mulched and watered and members can expect to see a display of yellow “Double Gold” Gazania and purple “Amistad” Salvia “by summer 2020.
Our sincere thanks to Facey’s Wholesale Nursery (the owner is also a Dogs Victoria member) who donated the plants for this project. Lillydale Kennel Club have donated two quality long garden hoses for watering of these plants. Amazing.
To the hard working volunteers, David Barclay (Coordinator), David Cartledge, Chris Warren, Stewart Lennie, Chris Moore, Vin McPhee, Maureen Gostelow and Leanne Trenwith, thank you a mighty effort in just 5 hours.
We also assembled two donated Gazebos for our Big Day Out BBQ. Supervised laying of the access road to the GSD storage shed and filled the hole in the entrance to the main car park as well as the main entrance to the Pavilion car park (next to the newly refurbished off lead area).
Our immense thanks to our volunteers - we saved over $3000 in labour.
In January 2020 we will have a weekend Painting Day to finish the BBQ Gazebos. If you can assist, watch out for notifications and come along and support the project. No experience necessary!
Check out some of the photos of “The Crew” from the day working hard, along with a lot of good healthy discussion and laughs!
If you wish to join our group, please contact us via our Facebook page
Chris Moore
Dogs Victoria KCC Park Facilities Committee







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