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Friday, October 19, 2018

Model Health Management Plan

A condition of Applicable Organisation status is that Dogs Victoria’s Codes of Practice comply with requirements set by the Victorian Government.  Breeders maintaining a Health Management Plan is one of these.  This requirement is documented in Dogs Victoria’s Code of Practice

Click here to access the Model Health Management Plan document.

Dogs Victoria has developed this Plan for its breeder members, so they do not need to develop their own.  The topics covered can be modified if required, to suit the individual requirements of each breeding set up, and there is ample space to outline specific procedures or variations to those outlined in this document.  This Plan has been developed and endorsed by a veterinarian.  If the plan is used without modification, except to delete sections that are not relevant or to add further detail, then it may be used without further endorsement by the member’s own veterinarian.

The Plan supplements the health requirements that are documented in Dogs Victoria’s Rules, Regulations, and Codes of Practice.  Where these clear expectations, this plan does not duplicate these.  It must therefore be read in conjunction with these.

Members have the option to develop their own plan rather than adopt this document.  In that case, their plan must meet the content requirement that is detailed in the Dogs Victoria Code of Practice, and the plan must be developed in consultation with a veterinarian, and reviewed annually.