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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Conformation - Trainee Judges Program

Dogs Victoria Conformation Judges Training Program 2021/2022

All conformation judges training paperwork emailed to the office is to be sent to 

Click on the following link to access the 'Glossary of Canine Terms'

Attention all Members wishing to join the Aspirants program in 2023
With the easing of Covid restrictions the 6 Stewarding Appointments is now back as a requirement. 
Please note these are to be done before you put your application in and must be at All Breeds Shows.
There will be no exemptions.

Trainee Program

  • Applications to participate in the 2022 Conformation Judges Training Program are now OPEN

**Trainee Manual**

Click HERE for the 2022 trainee manual 

Lecture Dates 2022

  • All group lecture dates can be found HERE 
    Please note Group 2 lecture Havanese will now be held on the same night as the Lowchen lecture on 1 June 2022 

All 2022 lecture dates will be via ZOOM



SUB GROUP TWO THEORY DATE - Wednesday 20 July 2022


Application can be found HERE

Applications close 4pm on Monday 1 August 2022 


  • Conducted at Bulla Exhibition Centre
  • 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 August 2022 (the day for groups to be confirmed)

Missed a Lecture?

You must forward a 1000 word essay on the breed/s dealt with in the lectures you have missed this year, as per ANKC Regulations Part 3 Judges Training & Examination Program Regulation 6.1.1b which states:

Should a Trainee miss any breed lecture, they must within 14 days, of the lecture, submit to the member body, a minimum one thousand (1000) word essay on the breed/s dealt with in the missed lectures.
Essays on a maximum of 25 percent of the breeds within the group may be submitted over the period of the lecture series for missed lectures

Trainees must send a total of 3 copies of essays to:

  1. The group leader for checking
  2. Dogs Victoria office
  3. CJC Chair   

    ANKC Regulation 6.1.2 Module 2. Practical Experience
    To be able to count the 50 ‘dogs judged’ for an application to sit Practical

    Exam, there must be only one (1) trainee judge in the ring and the exhibits must be physical placed, discussed and signed off by an accredited assessor ONLY.

    There will be a written record kept by the Trainee Judge of the Date, Fixture and number of dogs judged. The Trainee Judge’s Judging Record Card must be signed by the accredited assessor after a discussion on the dogs and the number of dogs has been recorded. (Not by a Show official)

    Approval must be obtained from the Affiliate conducting the Show.
    List of accredited assessors click here (amended 12/10/20)

2021 Group Leader Details

Chairperson - Cathy Camac
Ph: 0415 990 422

Deputy Chair - Esther Joseph
Ph: 0407 330 270

Toys (Group 1)
John Hutchison
Ph: 0418 539 377

Terriers (Group 2)
Glenys Alexander
Ph: 0423 403 205

Gundogs (Group 3)
Cam Cavallo 
Ph: 0433 937 842

Hounds (Group 4)
Judy Oliver
Ph: 5428 1444 or 0417 368 621

Working Dogs (Group 5)
Barbara Doyle
0405 453 361 

Utility (Group 6)
Julie Keenan
Ph: 0407 830 710

Non Sporting (Group 7)
Shellie Marshall
Ph: 0433 796 333

Aspiring Program
Cathy Camac
Ph: 0415 990 422
Supported by Julie Keenan



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