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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Conformation - Trainee Judges Program

Trainee Program 2019

Applications for the 2019 program have now closed.

  • Club member declaration form
    (to be completed if selecting Eligibility A on application to participate in the 2019 conformation judges training program)

Sub Group Theory Exam Applications 2019

Application forms are now available for sub group 3 and sub group 4 theory exams (see links below)

  • Sub Group 3 Theory Exam Application (applications now closed)
  • Sub Group 4 Theory Exam Application (applications close 4pm Friday 31 May 2019) click here

Sub Group Three Theory Exam Dates

Sub group three theory exams will be held on the following dates at the Bulla Exhibition Centre

  • Tuesday 9 April 2019 - terriers, gundogs and non sporting

  • Wednesday 10 April 2019 - toys, hounds, working group and utility

Practical Assessment Application 2019

The application form for a practical assessment is now available (see link below)

  • Practical Assessment Application (applications close 4pm Friday 12 July 2019) click here

Please note applications for a practical assessment must be signed off by your group leader prior to submitting to the office.

Aspiring Program 2019

Applications have now closed for the Conformation Aspiring Judges Program for 2019.     

Trainee Manual 2019

Download the Trainee Manual 2019

Lecture Dates 2019

To download the lecture dates for 2019 click here

Missed a Lecture?

You must forward a 1000 word essay on the breeds dealt with in the lectures you have missed this year, as per ANKC Regulations Part 3 Judges Training & Examination Program Regulation 6.1.1b which states:

Should a Trainee miss any breed lecture, they must within 14 days, of the lecture, submit to the member body, a minimum one thousand (1000) word essay on the breeds dealt with in the missed lectures.
Essays on a maximum of 25 percent of the breeds within the group may be submitted over the period of the lecture series for missed lectures

Essays must be sent to your group leader/s for checking, your group leader will then forward them to the office.    

2019 Group Leader Details

Chairperson - Cathy Camac
Ph: 0415 990 422

Deputy Chair - Esther Joseph
Ph: 0407 330 270

Toys (Group 1)
John Hutchison
Ph: 9740 0803 or 0418 539 377

Terriers (Group 2)
Glenys Alexander
Ph: 0423 403 205

Gundogs (Group 3)
Cam Cavallo 
Ph: 0433 937 842

Hounds (Group 4)
Judy Oliver
Ph: 5428 1444 or 0417 368 621

Working Dogs (Group 5)
Barbara Doyle
0405 453 361 

Utility (Group 6)
Arthur Fry
Ph: 9740 8788 or 0407 837 508

Non Sporting (Group 7)
Shellie Marshall
Ph: 0433 796 333

Aspiring Program
Mathew Morse
Ph: 0439 368 140

To view a list of trainees enrolled in the 2019 Conformation Judges Training Program click here

Trainee Satisfaction Survey

Trainees that participated in the 2018 conformation judges training program are welcome to complete the trainee satisfaction survey. Please return your completed survey to Janet Davidson or Cathy Camac



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