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FAQ - What is the Facility Fund Levy?

Dogs Victoria Facility Fund

As members would be aware, the infrastructure at KCC Park is aging and in need of constant capital works projects to maintain and improve the facility to meet the requirements of our members. Our Bulla Exhibition Centre also requires ongoing maintenance to maintain its condition as an appropriate facility for the organisation. 

Some key projects that are required to be undertaken at KCC Park include a fire services upgrade and a sewerage solution. Management Committee tasked these projects to the KCC Park Facilities Committee in January 2018. Fire services works are critical for compliance under existing state and local regulations.

Management Committee at their meeting held in August 2020 agreed that a $2 levy be applied on all Dogs Victoria transactions to fund major facility projects. All members will have the opportunity to manually opt out of the levy should they choose to do so.

The money raised from the levy will be corralled in a distinct reserve account – facility fund account, and a graphic will be used to demonstrate to all members on the progress of the fundraising.

Q: To what transactions will the $2 levy apply?

A: All transactions will be included including memberships, litters, transfers etc.


Q: Does the $2 include GST?

A: GST will need to be applied; therefore, the total amount will be $2.20 per transaction.


Q: How long with this levy be imposed?

A: Management Committee have not determined how long the levy will be imposed.


Q: Don’t we already pay a levy on canine research?

A: Yes, members pay $2 per puppy registration, this money goes to canine research.


Q: Is the facility levy compulsory?

A: No, members have the option to opt out. If using the online portal to pay for your membership renewal then you will be invited to opt in. You can do this by selecting to pay the $2 facility fund levy prior to finalising your payment.


Q: Can members and affiliates donate to the facility fund?

A: Yes, members and affiliates can donate to the facility fund. Please contact our office to discuss further.


Q: How do we know this levy will not be allocated to general reserves?

A: Management Committee have agreed the income from the facility fund will be kept in a separate account, the same way the money raised from donations to the bushfire appeal were kept in a separate account.


Q: What are the major projects the levy will be spent on?

A: Management Committee have prioritised a fire services upgrade and sewerage service upgrade as the initial facility projects. There are also smaller projects under review including installation of a new sound system for the Boxhall pavilion and exhibition area one, tree planting of the west end (dirt pile) and upgrade of Lyndhurst room as additional required facility works.


Q: Will the money raised from the levy be spent at KCC Park only?

A: Management Committee will consider all suggestions for the allocation of the money in the facility fund.


Q: How will members know how much money has been raised from the levy?

A: A graphic will be published in the magazine and on the website.


Q: When will works commence?

A: Work on the fire services is due to commence in October 2020.


Q: Does the money need to be raised before the works can commence?

A: No, Dogs Victoria will use from our investment reserves to commence works on the fire service upgrade.


Q: Was there consultation with the Finance Committee about the levy?

A: Yes, the KCC Park Facilities Committee reviewed multiple funding options prior to requesting Management Committee endorse the recommendation for the money from our reserves to be used for the installation of the fire service, but a dedicated facility account be established to hold all money for use on facilities and the reserves to be reinstated over time.