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FAQ - Title Applications

What do I need to include in my application?

When lodging a title application we need the following:

  • Application for Title with all points/passes included on the rear of the form
  • Original Pedigree/Certificate of Registration
  • Required Fee
  • Any interstate passes/certificates

What happens if titles are printed incorrectly?

Sometimes titles can be printed incorrectly and we can fix them quite easily. Please feel free to give our friendly processing team a call and we can help sort this out for you.

Can I skip a lower title and apply for a higher title instead?

No.  All titles have requirements on how to achieve them and are pre-requisites for a higher title. If a lower title was to be skipped then we cannot award the higher title.

What are the Conformation Titles?

  • Australian Champion
    • 100 points awarded at a Championship Show

  • Australian Grand Champion
    • 1000 points awarded at a Championship Show

  • Australian Supreme Champion
    • Verification of 1000 points (Grand Champion Title) 
    • Either 3 Best in Show awards or 10 Best in Group awards
  • Australian Neuter Champion

  • Australian Neuter Grand Champion

  • CACIB (Certificats d’Aptitude au Championnat International de Beauté)
    To become an International Champion a Dog must earn
    4 CACIBs in 2 States, under 3 different Judges and from 3 different FCI Member Countries.