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FAQ - Pedigrees & Registrations

What is a pedigree?

A pedigree is essentially a birth certificate for your dog showing the 3 generation family tree and also proves that your dog is in fact a purebred.  ANKC Certified pedigrees are also recognised pedigrees with the state government and local councils for the purpose or cheaper registration and desexing exemptions.

There are two different types – the blue coloured Main Register Pedigree and the yellow Limited Register pedigree - read more here

Main Register Pedigree (Blue)

This is the full register pedigree which allows a dog to be shown in conformation & performance events, and if there are no conditions against a dog, the dog can be used for breeding.  In the state of Victoria, to hold a blue main register pedigree you must be a financial member, otherwise transfer to the Limited Register will be required.

Limited Register Pedigree (Yellow)

Dogs on this pedigree are not eligible for breeding, export or conformation shows, however the dog can compete in performance related disciplines.  You do not need to join Dogs Victoria as member to transfer the dog into your ownership.

I’ve lost my pedigree, what can I do?

If you have lost your pedigree, you can apply for a duplicate with the required form. A duplicate can only be requested by the current owner as per our database.  Please note, a duplicate cannot be issued as a copy as there can only be one pedigree in existence at any time.  As an original statutory declaration is required on the rear of this form so this cannot be sent in via email or fax. The required form can be found under the member’s forms section.

Council wants to desex my dog, can Dogs Victoria help?

Dogs Victoria can only help if you have the following:

  • Certified pedigree Papers
  • Membership with Dogs Victoria

Please note, Dogs Victoria is the only recognised Applicable Organisation in Victoria for dogs. See below for an explanation.

What do you mean by Applicable Organisation?

As an Applicable Organisation, we produce an annual report and have a Code of Ethics that requires responsible pet ownership in compliance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994 and its related codes of practice.  This recognition also means that we have high standards of responsible pet ownership to whom the community can look to when buying a pet or when seeking advice on care of a pet and members of which are entitled to discount local council dog registration fees.  In addition, it is expected that, as an organisation, will take disciplinary action against members who do not comply with the organisation's code. 

Can I get a pedigree if my dog hasn’t been registered by a breeder of Dogs Victoria?

If your dog doesn’t hold a pedigree then you can register them on the Associate Register – but they are required to be desexed to do so.  Puppies cannot be registered if they were not bred by a member of Dogs Victoria or state body equivalent, or after 18 months of age.

Do I need to transfer my dog into my name?

Yes, even if you do not plan to breed, show or trial your dog, it is a good idea to transfer your dog into your name. It is also recommended in the case your dog is lost, a search on our database using the microchip number will show you as the owner of the dog making it possible to return your dog to you. This is also a good reason to notify our office when you move.

Transferring the dog also shows that you are the legal owner of the dog. Should you ever decide to breed or enter shows and require the registration certificate, the process will be much easier if you are already recorded as the owner on our system. Also, in the event you may lose your registration certificate you do not need to contact the breeder to apply for a duplicate certificate on your behalf.

How do I transfer a dog into my name?

To allow transfer of ownership we require the original pedigree to be lodged in our office together with the required payment. The form on the back of the pedigree must be completed with all signatures of present and new owners.

Depending on the pedigree type and whether you are a member or not will determine the cost associated, please refer to the scale of charges for this cost.  If you hold the Blue Certified Pedigree and you are not a member, then you will be required to join to keep the dog on that Certified Main Pedigree OR will be require to transfer to dog to the Limited Pedigree.  A Limited pedigree can be transferred a non-member.  Once transfer of ownership is done, we will then re-issue a brand new pedigree back out to the new owner.

How do I transfer my dog between the Main & Limited registers?

To transfer a dog from the Limited to Main register, we need written authorisation from the breeder of the dog. This can be written on the front of the pedigree, otherwise if it is to come as a separate letter attached to the pedigree, that letter must include the dogs registered name and/or number and also be signed by the breeder. The dog must be going to a financial member of Dogs Victoria or one of the other state bodies.

Anyone can transfer a dog from the main to limited register as long as it is written on the front of the pedigree together with a signature authorising this.

Please refer to the scale of charges for the required cost to do so.  Please note, this must be lodged with original controlling state body in which the dog was registered.

How do I transfer my pedigree to the Neuter register?

We require the original pedigree to come into the office together with a copy of the certificate of sterilisation and the required fee. The certificate of sterilisation MUST include the microchip number and be on certified vet’s letterhead to verify the dog that is being desexed.  We will then transfer the dog to the Neuter registerer (marked as either neutered or spayed) and return the updated pedigree back to the current owner.

What is the Associate Register and how can I register my dog?

The Associate Register is open to any dog that doesn’t hold a pedigree – purebred or crossbred. This allows those dogs to compete in the performance based disciplines and compete for titles. Any dog to be registered on this register must be desexed.  To register your dog on the Associate Register you can either apply online or by downloading the appropriate form off our website. These forms can be found here.

What is the Sporting Register and how can I register my dog?

A dog that is registered with an ANKC Ltd recognised organisation that caters for Working Sporting or Performance Dogs may be registered on the National Database Sporting Register.

A certified copy of the dog’s registration, issued by the recognised body, must be provided, which indicates the member as the registered owner, with a residential address in the state of the ANKC Ltd Member Body to whom the application is being submitted.   A list of all recognised Kindred bodies can be found here.  The required form for application can be found here.

What if I want to change the colour of the dog, microchip or date of birth on the pedigree?

All changes are required to be made by the breeder, and a statutory declaration is required to be lodged with the affected pedigree.

If a change affects the whole litter or multiple dogs, ALL pedigrees will be required to be returned to the office for correction together with the statutory declaration.  There is a reprint fee per pedigree, please refer to the scale of charges for the required fee.  Please note, this must be lodged with original controlling state body in which the dog was registered.

Can I change my dog’s name?

Dogs Victoria can change the registered name on any dog as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Authorisation is received from the breeder of the dog
  • The dog is not over 3 months of age
  • The dog has never been entered into an event or used for breeding

When all requirements are met we then require the original pedigree to be lodged with this request. This can be done at same time as transfer of ownership and must be lodged with original controlling state body in which the dog was registered.  The only exception is when another person’s prefix is being added to the registered name. 

How do I register a litter?

The required Dogs Victoria litter registration form is required to be completed entirely and can be posted, faxed or scanned to email in to the office.

All applications emailed to the office email will received acknowledgement that they have been received.

If members wish to send via email we ask that they are sent to address and not any individual staff member’s email. We ask the same for any litters to be posted in that they are not addressed to any individual staff member.

Can I register my litter online?

Currently we can only accept litter registrations by post or scanned to email. Dogs Victoria is working on an Online Litter Registration system, however due to the complexity of all litter registrations with each individual breed’s requirements - colours, health testing, microchips & ownership details - this can take some time to develop.  The previous litter registration system was outdated for the current regulations with regards to microchips, breeder & sire ownership signatures, registration of puppy names and the paper litter registration form was still required to be submitted.   Members will be informed when an online system is implemented.

How can I submit health testing requirements?

As per ANKC regulations, the original certificate or a certified copy of the original certificate of the mandatory testing must be submitted to the member body prior to or at the same time as progeny being registered.

We cannot accept photocopies or scans of these requirements. We also cannot accept them if they come from the vet/radiologist, to you, then to the office.

How can I register a Natural Bob Tail?

A dog claimed to be a “Natural Bob Tail” dog must be DNA tested to certify that the dog is carrying the “Bob Tail” gene or has a Certified Vet Certificate where puppies have been examined by 4 days of age and then individually microchipped prior to registration.

How do I syndicate my dog into co-ownership?

Any main register dog can be syndicated, as long as we have received the following:

  • Application for Syndicate Dog form
  • Written agreement between parties
  • Original pedigree
  • Photo ID for any interstate members

If any dog is being transferred into a syndicate prefix membership, then a syndicate transfer will be required for each dog.

What overseas Canine Controlling Bodies Pedigree’s do you recognise?

Dogs Victoria and the ANKC Ltd recognises the Overseas Canine Controlling Bodies listed here