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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

FAQ - Registrations

Do I need to transfer my dog into my name?

Yes, even if you do not plan to breed, show or trial your dog, it is a good idea to transfer your dog into your name. It is also recommended in the case your dog is lost, a search on our database using the microchip number will show you as the owner of the dog making it possible to return your dog to you. This is also a good reason to notify our office when you move.

Transferring the dog also shows that you are the legal owner of the dog. Should you ever decide to breed or enter shows and require the registration certificate, the process will be much easier if you are already recorded as the owner on our system. Also, in the event you may lose your registration certificate you do not need to contact the breeder to apply for a duplicate certificate on your behalf.

How do I transfer my dog?

To transfer your dog, you must have the original pedigree certificate supplied by the breeder and the breeders signature must be present on the reverse side. Fill in your own details sign and post in with required fee for transfer to Dogs Victoria. We will transfer the dog into your name and send you a new pedigree certificate with your name as the owner.

You do not need to be a member to transfer your puppy, however, you cannot transfer a main registered dog (blue certificate) as a non-member. You will need to be a member to do this. As a non-member you are only permitted to transfer a dog on the limited register (orange certificate).

You should also ensure you transfer your dog with your local council, you should have received documentation from the Breeder which you must take to your local council, the form is also available on the office of local government website.

Can I register my litters online?

Currently we can only accept litter registrations by post or scanned to email.

Dogs Victoria is working on an Online Litter Registration system, however due to the complexity of all litter registrations with each individual breed’s requirements - colours, health testing, microchips & ownership details - this can take some time to develop.  The previous litter registration system was outdated for the current regulations with regards to microchips, breeder & sire ownership signatures, registration of puppy names and the paper litter registration form was still required to be submitted.   Members will be informed when an online system is implemented.

Imported Dogs – What do I need?

  • Application Form & Fee
  • Certified Copy of the Original Export Pedigree
    • If original is submitted, we take copy stamp certified copy and send original back with application.
  • Original Ownership Certificate (for countries which issue)
  • AQIS/PEQS Release from Quarantine (MUST say the dog was released)
  • NZ Imports - the AirWay Bill and Export Certificate from the Ministry of Primary Industries in lieu of the AQIS/PEQS.

Imported Semen – What do I need?

  • Application form
  • Appropriate fee (as specified on the form for the year of registration)
  • Three (3) Generation Pedigree, EITHER;

a) Certified Copy of Three Generation Pedigree (A certified copy is one where the original has been certified as a “true” copy of the original.  To be deemed a certified copy Dogs Victoria must be able to sight the original stamp and/or signature of the certifying agent i.e. it must be posted);


b) Copy of a Three Generation Pedigree (ie, including names and registration numbers) sent via email direct from the Controlling Body in the Country where the dog is registered to the relevant ANKC Ltd Member Body in Australia

  • Copy of Ownership Certificate (as proof of Existing Owner) where relevant
  • Collection of Semen Certificate (may be a form from overseas or the Dogs Victoria form may be used).  The collection certificate must be signed by the vet and MUST include the number of vials/straws collected.  Multiple collections can be attached to a registration form where appropriate
  • Sale/Transfer of Semen Agreement – showing transfer from existing owner as evidenced via ownership certificate to the recipient.  Again, this document must clearly specify the amount of semen sold and MUST be signed
  • AQIS Final Release from Quarantine.