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FAQ - Applications referred to Compliance Committee

I received a letter stating that my application to transfer my dog cannot be processed because there are issues with the current owner/breeder. What does this mean?

The previous registered owner of a dog becomes ineligible to sign Pedigree transfers when the member has been suspended or under investigation. This sometimes happens when a member is in breach of the Code, Constitution, Rules and/or Regulations.

When this happens, transfers need to be referred to the Compliance Committee for consideration on a case by case basis should the applicant wish to proceed with transfer.

Does this mean that I will lose my dog?

No. It is important to note that this is simply about the Pedigree paperwork and not about the ownership of your dog.

Should I choose to apply to Compliance Committee - What next?

As soon as Compliance Committee have reached a decision, you will be notified in writing of the outcome.

Possible Outcomes

  • If transfer is approved a letter of advice will be issued and your documents will be forwarded to the processing team on your behalf. The team would contact you if further information and/or payment is required;
  • Compliance Committee has the right to approve transfer with conditions. A possible outcome for a dog on the Main Register, is that the decision may be to transfer the dog as long as the dog is transferred to the Limited Register, marked never to be upgraded;
  • Transfer may not be approved.

What if I am dissastisfied with the Decision?

You will have the right to Appeal. This would need to be submitted in writing, outlining the reason/s the Pedigree papers need to be transferred into your name.