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FAQ - Deceased Estates

How does Dogs Victoria proceed when advised that a member has passed away?

Once a copy of the death certificate and will/probate/letter from solicitor has been received confirming who the executors are, Dogs Victoria will then correspond with the executor and follow their instructions.

Can I produce a copy of a funeral notice as verification that the member has passed away?

As there can often be more than one membership of the same or similar name in the ANKC database, verification via a copy of the death certificate is required.

If I’m not the executor and have a dog in joint names with the deceased can I act on behalf of the estate?

No, Dogs Victoria can only correspond with the executor.

What happens if the deceased member did not leave a will?

If a member dies intestate - Dogs Victoria will require confirmation from the Solicitor in writing who the appointed executor is.

What happens if the deceased member still has an active membership, prefix, lease, syndicate etc.?

If  the deceased member has a joint membership, prefix, lease, syndicate etc. the ANKC database is updated to show that the member is deceased and a new membership number is created.

What happens to any dogs currently owned, leased, syndicated in joint names with the deceased member?

If the dogs are not deceased then original pedigrees are returned to the office so that the pedigree is transferred into the membership.

Can I still compete with my dog if the membership is held in joint names with the deceased?

The dog cannot be entered/exhibited in events until the estate matters are settled.