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Affiliates (Clubs) List

CLICK HERE to download the Contact List for all Dogs Victoria Affiliated Clubs (updated 16-07-19)

How to become an Affiliated Club

Full details regarding eligibility and requirements are documented in section 3.4 Affiliated Bodies of the VCA Regulations document found here

Club Assistance

If you are an Affiliated Club of Dogs Victoria and require assistance, whether administrative related or holding an event, our Conformation Committee are on hand to offer advice.  Contact details here.



20.5 Code of Practice for Affiliates

VCA approval to conduct a fixture is on the understanding that the affiliate will endeavour to conduct and manage the fixture ensuring that the activities are an enjoyable experience for all members and that the fixture represents a public showcase of VCA activities.

In particular:

  • 20.5.1 The affiliate is to ensure that ANKC judges contracts are completed fully and reflect all of the affiliate’s requirements, especially in relation to embargoes.
  • 20.5.2 The show secretary is to ensure that contracted conformation judges are notified of the number of exhibits entered for each breed. Such notification is to be communicated in writing so as to reach the judges at least seven days before the date of the show.
  • 20.5.3 The affiliate committee is to ensure that non Australian judges are briefed on the VCA and ANKC procedures for judging.
  • 20.5.4 Affiliate committee personnel involved in facilitating judges shall not handle dogs under those judges nor participate at the competition area in such a way as to compromise the perception of fairness.
  • 20.5.5 The show secretary is to ensure that entry fees are banked promptly to ensure that invalid cheques / payments are identified.
  • 20.5.6 The show manager is to ensure that all stewards are competent in the duties required of them, and arrange appropriate support where necessary.
  • 20.5.7 The affiliate is to ensure adequate provision for and maintenance of parking, toilets, foodstuffs [if applicable], first aid, competition and exhibitor areas.
  • 20.5.8 The affiliate is to ensure that safe and unimpeded access is provided around and to the rings.
  • 20.5.9 The affiliate committee is to appoint a VCA representative as required by VCA regulations and provide the administrative and logistic support required by VCA procedures - fixture incidents / complaints.
  • 20.5.10 Aggressive dog incidents are to be dealt with in accordance with VCA regulation 3.5.6.
  • 20.5.11 The affiliate committee is to ensure that persons attending the fixture comply with acceptable standards of behaviour, and therefore the committee is to be fully conversant with the VCA procedures - fixture incidents / complaints.