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Monday, June 5, 2023


What is Obedience training?

Do you want to stop your dog jumping up, digging, pulling on the lead, refusing to come when called etc?

Well, dog obedience training is what you need!

Where can I get involved?

Dogs Victoria has many dog obedience training clubs that can help you enjoy this activity with your dog.

Most clubs train weekly and they welcome all pure breeds and mixes of all shapes and sizes.
Here is a link to Dogs Victoria Dog Obedience Training Clubs

They can help you teach your dog to do fun things like retrieving, jumping obstacles on command, responding to hand signals and much more.

Competition Obedience is available at club level, you may wish to compete at Dogs Victoria competitions. Here is a link to the rules.

OTEC Guidelines for conducting Learners Rings

OTEC Extreme Weather Policy

This policy applies when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees. The club must provide a suitable outdoor thermometer to monitor the temperature as per the current OTEC Extreme Weather Policy.

When the Obedience, Tracking and Endurance Committee heat policy is invoked, all requirements of that policy must be adhered to. (Regulation

Click here to read the complete OTEC Extreme Weather Policy.