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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Lure Coursing

Lure coursing is an old sport, reinvented due to not involving live prey anymore, using the sighthound's keen abilities of hunting by sight/movement, the thrill of running down the prey and following the prey's movements over a large area.

The prey, nowadays, is a piece of white plastic tied to a long line of between 300 and up to 1000 meters, circling, zig zagging, going back over the already run course, with a long straight or two for the hounds to stretch out over.

Rhodesian RidgebackLure Course         


The course is never the same at different events or on consecutive days and varies in design and manoeuvrability, testing the hound in fitness, eagerness to chase and keeping the eyes on "the lure" at all times.  The hounds are coursed individually or in pairs.

To qualify for titles in coursing the hound must first pass two qualifiers to gain their JC, Junior Courser, then they are able to trial and gain more titles, with points allotted by the judges watching the dogs closely, scoring them on above abilities.

Non sighthounds can qualify for what are called CAT titles and cannot aim for the same titles as sighthounds.

 Find the Lure             Chasing the Lure
Lure Coursing was designed particularly with sighthounds in mind.

The equipment used are Lure machines, which run the line around pulleys set where the course designer has designated, with a tube or similar object , where the plastic bag goes at the start and finish of the course.

The hounds usually love chasing, the owners get to share the thrill of the chase with each other and spectators alike.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria and Hound Club of Victoria run lure coursing events and activities in Victoria.

Please visit the club websites as per above links for further details.