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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Dances with Dogs

Dances with dogs is a new fun way to train and compete with your dog. Dances with dogs has two streams, freestyle and heelwork to music. Each stream has four separate levels and titles to each level. The levels are starters, novice, intermediate and advanced.

Freestyle is just that, technical moves to a piece of music. A handler is only limited by their imagination… It’s a way of taking all of the tricks and skills you’ve all being having fun with in the past and choreographing them to music to produce a snappy routine to catch the judges eye.  

Heelwork to music involves traditional heelwork (dogs shoulder to handlers knee) choreographed to a piece of music. The twist is, in heelwork to music there are eight recognised heelwork positions. Doesn’t sound so simple now does it? As you progress through the levels, more of the eight positions should be included in a routine so that by the advanced level, the dog should be working in both left and right heel positions as well as front and back cross body heelwork. Add to this that in all eight positions the dog can be moving either forwards or backwards.


Both streams are technically challenging and can draw on skills from both obedience and agility to increase the technical merit of a routine. These can be combined with a repertoire of moves varying from leg weaves and spins to reversing around props and walking backwards on hind legs.

To view the dances with dogs rules please click here