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Articles and Links to Canine Health related information

{published by Dogs Victoria's Canine Health & Wellbeing Committee}



ORCHID (Officially Registered Canine Health Information Database) - ANKC's online health database

In November 2017, ANKC announced the development of an online database to record health results for Australian dogs;

"ORCHID (Officially Registered Canine Health Information Database) is the ANKC Ltd web site developed to allow on-line recording of health information by health professionals and to make statistical information derived from that data publicly available. To encourage dog owners to provide information, the owners will be able to specify, for each test result, whether the result is public or private. ORCHID now has the capacity for the ANKC Ltd Radiographers to enter Hip & Elbow Scores directly into the database.  (

ORCHID went online for input by radiographers in September 2016, and updates statistics daily.  In future it is anticipated eye information will be available, with DNA results to be added at a later stage.

Hip and elbow scoring

ANKC CHEDS (Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Scheme)

Information on the scheme, including a list of approved scorers is available on the ANKC website.  Submission forms can also be downloaded.

Current hip and elbow score statistics

Hip and elbow statistics are available from ORCHID.  The online portal went online for input by radiographers in September 2016, and updates hip and elbow statistics daily.  Submission forms may also be downloaded from ORCHID.

Interpretation and use of hip scores

This article was written by Ruth Dennis for the British Veterinary Association (BVA)/Kennel Club (KC) Hip Dysplasia Scheme.  The BVA method for scoring hips is used in Australia for ANKC CHEDS (Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Scheme).  The article explains how to interpret the hip score and gives advice on the use of hip scores in the selection of breeding animals.

The article is also available from the British Veterinary Association;

Spine Score Statistics

Spinal score statistics, updated daily, are available from ORCHID.

Eye testing

ACES (Australian Canine Eye Scheme)

Information on the scheme including an ACES guide for owners and a list of panellists is available on the ANKC ORCHID health portal;

ACES annual reports

Summaries of annual reports detailing breed numbers examined and conditions noted are available on the ANKC website;

DNA Testing

ANKC DNA collection protocol

Protocols for DNA collection (required for parentage testing) are included in the ANKC regulations, part 6.  Currently no DNA disease tests are mandated for litter registration.

Use of genetic tests in dog breeding

Guidance and information on the use of DNA disease testing by the Nordic Kennel Union (pdf document – "Information and policy from the Scientific Committee of the Nordic Kennel Union (NKU/VK) regarding the use of genetic tests in dog breeding")  NKU's scientific committee's policy regarding genetic tests

Canine genetic testing information – DogWellNet

This page on the DogWellNet website has information on problems and concerns with genetic testing currently being offered for dogs, together with links to recent articles and scientific papers discussing these issues.

Pet genomics medicine runs wild

Commentary on problems with genetic testing in dogs in the journal 'Nature'

Quality assurance checklist and additional considerations for canine clinical genetic testing laboratories: a follow-up to the published standards and guidelines

DNA tests - How to choose which ones to use

A presentation by Cathryn Mellersh, PhD, at the Tufts' Canine and Feline Breeding and Genetics Conference, 2015.

DNA tests available worldwide

The WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) Hereditary Diseases committee has created a database of DNA tests for hereditary diseases in dogs and cats. It is searchable by laboratory, test or breed through the University of Pennsylvania.  For some conditions it also provides descriptions of diseases, information on the mutation and inheritance, and references to the information.

A summary of discussions on the challenges of DNA testing from the 2019 AKC National Parent Club Canine Health Conference

Inherited Disease Databases

Inherited Diseases in Dogs (IDID)

The Inherited Diseases in Dogs (IDID) database complied by David Sargan in the UK contains a guide to conditions reported in purebred dogs that are, or are likely to be, inherited. Search by breed or genetic anomaly.  The site also provides links to PubMed and other abstracting services.

Canine Inherited Disorders Database (CIDD)

The Canine Inherited Disorders Database (CIDD) Is a Canadian database that attempts to provide a list of inherited disorders for each breed, on which there is consensus among veterinarians and other experts that these are significant in that breed.

Journal Website

Canine Genetics and Epidemiology

Canine Genetics and Epidemiology is an open-access journal with articles relating to canid genetics.  The journal is published with the support and backing of the Kennel Club (UK).  All articles include a 'plain English summary'.


Inconvenient Desires: Should we Routinely Neuter Companion Animals?

Clare Palmer, Sandra Corr & Peter Sandøe (2012) Anthrozoös, 25:sup1, s153-s172, DOI: 10.2752/175303712X13353430377255

Society for Theriogenology Position Statement on Mandatory Spay/Neuter

Includes an extensive list of references related to spay/neuter.


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