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Membership Benefits

Once you purchase your puppy you will probably want to start getting involved in the many activities offered by Dogs Victoria.

What activities can puppies do?

Although some of the more active sports require dogs to be physically mature before participating, puppies as young as three months can be shown in dog shows. Many obedience clubs also offer puppy preschool courses and puppies can then begin regular obedience training once that phase is complete. Any of these types of activities are great for socialising your puppy and making sure it is used to being around other dogs and people.

Once your puppy begins to grow into an adult you may want to get involved in other sports such as agility or herding. Please visit our Events Calendar page to find out more

You will need to be a member of Dogs Victoria in order to compete in these events and earn titles for your dog. But that is not the only benefit of a DOGS Victoria membership.

Members of Dogs Victoria enjoy the following benefits:

  • Discounted council registration of your dog
  • Member discounts on many dog-related and other products and services
  • Subscription to Dogs Victoria Magazine, our monthly glossy publication that keeps you informed about canine issues in Victoria
  • Breeder Education - prefix accreditation program (open book exam)
  • Access to the Laurie Luxmoore library where you can find out all you want on dogs from Dogs Victoria's extensive collection of books and videos
  • Research facilities (providing information on pedigrees, etc.)
  • Participation in Dogs Victoria events such as dog shows, obedience and other trials
  • Helping us to maintain the canine health research foundation
  • Facilities at KCC Park and Bulla
  • Dogs Victoria is YOUR government lobbyist (defending and fighting for the rights of dog owners)


To become a member of Dogs Victoria simply complete the Application for New Membership and submit to Dogs Victoria along with a photocopy of photo ID.
Applications can be posted, faxed or scanned/emailed.