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Friday, March 24, 2023

Sled Sports

Sledding, backpacking and weight pulling are all considered sled sports. 

Sledding is done in Australia on a dirt track, but the same principals apply as in snow sledding. Dogs pull scooters, for 1-2 dog teams, or 3-wheeled rigs for larger teams over a distance of 3-5 kilometres.

To participate in sledding it is most important that your dog has the right equipment and training.





Backpacking is an enjoyable activity for both you and your dog. Hikes vary in length from a short distance suited to puppies and less fit dogs all the way up to a 65km hike that takes place over three days. For this hike dogs and hikers are required to carry all equipment needed for self-suffienciency.

To qualify for the Working Pack Dog title dogs must carry the full 30 percent of its bodyweight over a certain distance. Of course these hikes should never be attempted with dogs that are untrained, unfit or not in excellent health.



 Weight pulling is a competition of strength that many breeds of dog can enjoy as long as they are of a suitable size . Dogs pull a wheeled rig with weights (proportional to the dog’s body weight) across a finish line.

General fitness must be maintained when weightpulling as heavy loads can place unnecessary strain and lead to injury if you do not maintain sound physical condition of your dog