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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Junior Handlers


Junior Handler Competitions are a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your dog as well as with other young people of similar age. 

There are Junior Handler Competitions at all shows in Victoria, except for those shows held on a school day, which means there is plenty of handlers competitions you can enter.

There is a manual which is a guide for those that wish to improve their knowledge on Junior Handling as well as explaining the rules and regulations that are required.  A copy of the manual can be found here

Entering a Junior Handler competition can be extremely rewarding and challenging; it encourages great sportsmanship, friendships and welfare between young people and dogs.

Junior handling also involves the opportunity for youths and youngsters to learn more about different dog breeds, as well as their various types and characteristics.  The sport encourages young dog lovers to gain knowledge of how to take care of dogs and how to maintain animal wellbeing. These values will help support further generations of consciousness and responsible dog ownership culture.

At the Junior Kennel Club of Victoria’s championship show held in July, junior handlers compete in the state final; each state final winner then competes in the national finals. The winner of the best junior handler at the national finals wins a trip to England to compete in the World Challenge held at Crufts each year.

If you are between 7 and under 19 years of age you can compete in junior handlers. 



         1ST PLACE : Emily Perkins - 7 to under 10 years            1ST PLACE & Overall Winner : Hollie Mann - 13 to under 19 years      

 If you are interested in being a Junior Dog Handler then you are required to become a member of Dogs Victoria.