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Guidelines for Breeders

Are you considering breeding your dog?

Breeding dogs is a venture which should not be embarked upon without full and proper consideration to the many important facets and requirements involved.

The Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) Ltd has produced a document entitled Guidelines for Breeders.  Dogs Victoria also encourages members to read this document BEFORE considering breeding their dog to  familiarise themselves with the requirements and responsibilities of becoming a breeder.

How do I become a Registered Breeder?

  1. Join Dogs Victoria and achieve a minimum period of 12 months continuous membership.
  2. Become the registered owner of a female purebred dog you wish to breed with by transferring the dog in your name, so that your name appears as the owner on the Certificate of Registration & Pedigree (Main Register)
  3. Complete and pass the Breeders Education Package – Open Book Exam.  This exam is intended to raise the level of accreditation of member breeders.
  4. Apply for a Registration of a Breeders Prefix which will identify all dogs bred by you. A Breeders Prefix is often referred to as your Kennel name. 
  5. Ensure that the Sire (Father) that you have chosen to mate to your bitch is owned either by a financial member of Dogs Victoria or an interstate Controlling Body.

In accordance with VCA Regulations you are not permitted to breed a litter prior to registration of your Prefix.

Once you become a member of Dogs Victoria, the VCA Regulations state you may only breed with pedigree dogs on the Main Register of the ANKC database. Any breach of the VCA Regulations whilst a member of Dogs Victoria are reported to the Compliance Team and could result in disciplinary action.

What is a prefix?

A prefix is the kennel name is which you register all dogs that you have bred under and is a unique identifier to you.

What is involved in the exam?

We post an open book exam out to you together with information on breeding. It is an open book exam in which you have 30 days to complete in the comfort of your own home before returning to our office. You have access to the internet, other breeders, vets & libraries to answer the questions. Once the exam is returned we send these to our assessors for marking. This can take 1-2 weeks as all our assessors are volunteers. Once we receive a result we will notify you.

Can I breed my dogs before I hold a prefix?

No, this is the first rule you sign when joining Dogs Victoria.  You cannot start breeding until such time as you have been granted a prefix as per the Dogs Victoria rules & regulations.

Once I have my prefix, how long until I can breed my dogs?

You can start breeding once you hold a prefix.