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Group: Gundogs (Group 3)
Club: Weimaraner Club Of Victoria Inc
Contact: Michael Yeo
Phone: 0422 446 996

Brief History
These dogs were kept during the early part of the 19th century at the Court of Weimar in Germany. Towards the middle of the century they were found almost exclusively in the hands of professional hunters and forest officials in central Germany, especially in the regions of Weimar and Thuringia where they were usually bred solely for hunting. In addition to the shorthaired Weimaraner, there appeared a longhaired variety. The Weimaraner has remained pure bred and basically free of crossbreeding ever since they was first recorded in the official breed stud book. He is therefore the oldest German pointing breed, having been purebred for about 100 years. The versatile Weimaraner (nicknamed the "Grey Ghost" due to its unique colour) is a dedicated companion dog.

Average Life Span
When considering a dog, please realise that you are taking it on for its lifetime.
The average life span is 9 to12 years.

The breed has a laid back and affectionate temperament. They are sociable dogs who will do best when fully integrated into the family and are usually happy to meet strangers. These are also very energetic dogs, who will be restless and destructive if they do not get enough daily exercise.

General Breed Description
The Weimaraner is a medium to large size hunting dog of functional working type, pleasing in shape, sinewy and very muscular. This is a utility gundog with high prey drive and a protective instinct. He is intelligent and learns quickly but may be somewhat stubborn. He excels in such dog sports as Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Retrieving and Conformation dog shows. The difference in appearance between males and females is easily recognised.
Weimaraners come in silver or grey of various shades, sometimes with white markings on chest or toes.

Coat and Care Requirements
They have a short coat that is strong, very dense, and sleek. The Weimaraner requires only minimal grooming and thus wiping down with a damp cloth is usually sufficient in between baths. Using a grooming mitt on their coat during shedding season is advisable.

Height: Males: 59 to 70cms, Females 57 to 65cms
Weight: Males 30 to 40kgs, Females 25 to 35kgs

All breeds have individual health issues. When speaking to breeders it is recommended you enquire about the breed’s health and what health testing the breeder does. The Weimaraner is generally a healthy breed, however health conditions do occur occasionally. These may include Hip Dysplasia (HD), Bloat and Skin Allergies.

The decision to own a Weimaraner needs careful consideration, as they require an active person with a keen interest in the companion dog, someone prepared to give the dog the regular exercise, love and attention they will demand. He is an intelligent breed and learns quickly, but some may be stubborn. Training should be started when young and should be firm, consistent and gentle. They are a dog that do not kennel well. They do not like to be relegated to the back yard and forgotten; they like to be with you as part of the family.

In Conclusion
Now you know a little more about this breed. If you have decided this is the dog for you and wish to investigate further, please contact the Breed Club or Dogs Victoria. They will be able to give you information about available puppies and also suggest dog events where you can see the breed and speak to breeders. In this way you will gain a better perspective of the breed and its needs. With any breed of dog, it is important to research and determine suitability for your lifestyle before committing to a puppy which will be a part of your family for many years to come.

Whilst many breeds are recommended for families, it is imperative that when children are with dogs they are supervised at all times. Basic obedience training is a vital part of dog ownership.
Dogs Victoria is about the responsible ownership of all dogs and in particular the preservation of pure breeds.

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