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Jack Russell Terrier

Group: Terriers (Group 2)
Club: Jack Russell Terrier Club Of Victoria Inc
Contact: Caroline Azzopardi
Phone: 9366 9584

About the Jack Russell Terrier


Background The Reverend Jack Russell was very interested in fox hunting and saw the need for a small terrier to be used to flush out foxes that had gone to ground. In 1814 he acquired a terrier bitch named Trump from the local milkman which became his foundation bitch - and so the breed was born.  The first Jack Russell Terriers were quite tall dogs (35cm) but over the years the breed has changed, and there are now two distinct varieties which are recognised as separate breeds - the Parson Jack Russell Terrier which measures between 33 - 35cm and the Jack Russell Terrier at 25 - 30cm. There are three coat varieties - a smooth coat, a broken coat and a rough coat.

Average Lifespan When considering a dog, please realise that you are taking it on for its lifetime. This breed can live to from between 12 to 14 years of age.

Breed Personality/Characteristics/Temperament Jack Russell Terriers are great little hunting dogs that will tackle anything from a fox to a mouse. They spend a large amount of time investigating their surroundings and when taken for a walk in the country will hunt for hours. They are extremely intelligent and as a result, beginning to make their presence felt in the obedience ring.  Jack Russell Terriers are friendly, outgoing dogs and there should be no nastiness in their nature at all. They love to romp with children and will spend hours playing ball and chasing things around the garden. As with all dogs, young children and pets should always be supervised when together.  They travel well, and if taught early, will ride happily in the car, watching the world go by - always ready to join in any activity at the end of the trip. Adaptable, friendly, extroverted and a joy to own, they are always ready, willing and able to join the family in any pastime.

Activities Obedience training and socialisation are important for a happy, healthy JRT. The more activities, the better for your dog! Train, train and more training for a well-adjusted dog.

Jack Russell Terriers participate in conformation (dog shows), obedience, agility, racing, and Earthdog.

Compatibility with other pets Excellent.

Care Requirements They are active dogs so they need some form of exercise – walks or playing with the owners. All JRTs need regular brushing to help with shedding. They shed all year round. Broken and rough coated dogs also need their coats ‘stripped’ regularly to keep the coat harsh and water proof. (Ask your puppy’s breeder to show you this grooming technique).

Please Take Note The inquisitive nature of this breed necessitates having good fencing in order to contain them.

Ideal Owner/s Jack Russell Terriers need a family that will spend plenty of time with their active, little dog. They are people-orientated. They are suited to older children, but can happily live with young children so long as they are always supervised together to prevent them from hurting one another. 

In Conclusion Now you know a little about the Jack Russell Terrier and have decided this is the dog for you or you want more information, make contact with the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Victoria or Dogs Victoria. They will be able to give you information about available puppies and also suggest dog shows where you can see the breed and speak to breeders. In this way you will gain a better perspective of the breed and its needs.

Searching for a Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Be sure your puppy comes with ANKC registration paper and pedigree.

Ask about vaccinations and health tests for patella and eyes. Find out if your puppy is on Limited or Main Register and ensure the breeder explains to you what that means. Ensure the parents are socialised. When visiting the breeder’s premises look for a clean, non-smelly puppy area and happy, outgoing pups whose parents are not aggressive. Other information about the breed

·  There is no such thing as a “teacup” Jack Russell Terrier. The runt of the litter will not necessarily grow into a smaller sized adult.

·  It is a myth that smooth coat JRTs are non-shedding. They shed all year round.

·  There is a perception that all small, tan and white smooth-coated terriers are Jack Russell Terriers. They could also be Tenterfield Terriers or cross breeds. Please check that you are buying a purebred Jack Russell Terrier by contacting the breed club.

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