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Group: Hounds (Group 4)
Club: Hound Club Of Victoria Inc (Group 4)
Contact: Mrs Susan Santoro
Phone: 0416 740 888

About the Hamiltonstovare


Background The Hamiltonstovare is one of the most popular breeds in its native Sweden. Named after its creator, Count A P Hamilton, who was the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club in 1889, the Hamiltonstovare is the tallest and most strongly built of the Stovare breeds. It was developed primarily from the English Foxhound, the Harrier, the German Schweizerstovare and Hanovarian Hound. The Hamilton was developed to hunt fox and hare through densely grown forests and deep snow. The Hamilton normally works alone and unlike the Foxhound, is not a pack animal.

Average Lifespan When considering a dog, please realise that you are making a lifetime commitment. The Hamilton will live up to 14 years of age.

Breed Personality/Characteristics/Temperament This handsome, upstanding, tri-coloured hound has won the admiration and hearts of many. His temperament is sweet and gentle and fits well into family life. However, the hunting instincts are strong and there is a need for activity. Given adequate exercise they make excellent companions and housedogs adapting well to the home life, preferring the fireside to an outdoor kennel. They thrive in a family environment and crave companionship. They are a healthy breed, with no known hereditary problems.

Compatibility with other pets The Hamilton is a friendly, good-natured breed and mixes well with other dogs. They will play happily for hours with other dogs, but can also entertain themselves. They are not an aggressive breed or a breed that needs to dominate.

Care Requirements The Hamilton is a low maintenance breed, the short coat needing little more than regular brushing and bathing. Their short, smooth coat ensures little moulting. Daily exercise will keep this active dog happy.

Please Take Note The Hamiltonstovare is a scent hound and at times the hunting instinct can override obedience training. Care should be exercised when off lead. Once off on a scent, they will hunt for hours before (hopefully) returning to their original starting point - exhausted but happy. If left alone for long periods they can become noisy and destructive.

Ideal Owner/s The Hamilton makes an excellent companion. Its smaller size (as compared to a Fox Hound, for example) makes it an ideal house pet. This breed would be suitable for a young active family provided some basic rules are taught. Obedience training at an early age is recommended. Owners would need to be prepared to give this breed adequate exercise and allow it to be part of the family.

In Conclusion Now you know a little about the Hamiltonstovare and have decided this is the dog for you or you want more information, make contact with the breed club or your State controlling body for purebred dogs. They will be able to give you information about available puppies and also suggest dog shows where you can see the breed and speak to breeders. In this way you will gain a better perspective of the breed and its needs.

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