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Chinese Crested Dog

Group: Toys (Group 1)
Club: Melbourne Chinese Crested Dog Society Inc
Contact: Mrs Sue Thompson
Phone: 0411 129 234

About the Chinese Crested Dog

Background The Chinese Crested Dog has been known in China since the 13th century where it was developed during the Hang Dynasty into the two types seen today. These are the fine, elegant, "deer" type and the heavier boned "cobby" type.  The Crested has also been present in Europe for centuries as shown in artwork from the 15th Century and was mentioned in the chronicles of Christopher Columbus. Gypsy Rose Lee was also a great Chinese Crested devotee. At first regarded as a curiosity, the Crested has grown in popularity as a pet and show dog - continuing to win friends and converts along the way.

Average Lifespan When considering a dog, please realise that you are taking it on for its lifetime. Chinese Crested dogs live to 12 years of age.

Breed Personality/Characteristics/Temperament The Chinese Crested is a confident, graceful and alert dog sometimes aloof with strangers. It can be strong willed but not snappy or aggressive. Not known as a yappy dog, it can however prove useful as a watchdog. Unlike many other breeds it is capable of curling its feet to hold and grip objects. Although a toy breed in size, it is far from being a "toy" in attitude or outlook. The hairless vary in degree of coat from no body hair to those having a fine down similar to that found on a human arm, but all have the characteristic "cresting" that helps give this breed its name. This "cresting" consists of fine hair growing from the stop and tapers off down the neck. A plume of hair is found on the lower two thirds of the tail, and socks of hair on the feet and lower legs.  The coated Powder Puff variety is also found in this breed and has a fine "veil" coat growing through a denser undercoat. It may also come in a "drop eared" variety as well as the "prick eared" type which is essential in the hairless Crested. 

Compatibility with other pets The Chinese Crested has proven highly compatible with other animals, including cats and horses.

Care Requirements The care required by a hairless Crested is very similar to that of a human. This fair skinned dog will need to be protected from the sun by using a sunscreen where necessary, to prevent sunburn. The hairless can also develop acne therefore regular bathing is needed, or a herbal, non-allergenic cleanser can be used. When and if the skin shows signs of dryness a non-allergenic moisturiser should also be applied. It is not known to shed, is rarely bothered by fleas, nor does it have a "doggy" odour.

Please Take Note The teeth in the hairless are not those of your average dog as "tusks" replace the canines and the teeth may be loosely rooted or even missing. This is associated with hairlessness and is not a cause of concern. The Puffs, however, must have a normal mouth.

Ideal Owner/s A Crested will fit in virtually anywhere as long as you have the time to spare to give it the attention it feels it is due. Although it will wait patiently for its owners return when left alone, it prefers to be with you. Suitable for many situations, Crested owners range from active singles and families to the elderly, and this breed makes its home anywhere from a flat to a farm. A Crested will become part of most lifestyles, accompanying its owner through daily life - always ready to take part in almost any activity or just as ready to curl up on an accommodating lap. Active or not so active, it doesn’t seem to matter as long as there is shared love and attention.

In Conclusion Now you know a little about the Chinese Crested Dog and have decided this is the dog for you or you want more information, make contact with the breed club or your State controlling body for purebred dogs. They will be able to give you information about available puppies and also suggest dog shows where you can see the breed and speak to breeders. In this way you will gain a better perspective of the breed and its needs.

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