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Monday, June 5, 2023

Bulla Exhibition Centre

Address: 5 Uniting Lane, Bulla 3428 

From the Tullamarine Airport or city follow the Sunbury Road

  • Turn right at Uniting Lane
  • Calabria Club (Bulla Exhibition Centre) is located on your left hand side
  • To exit the grounds exit onto Sunbury Road or via Cemetery Lane which links up with Oaklands Road.

About Bulla Exhibition Centre

Dogs Victoria has leased the competition areas and meeting rooms at the Calabria Club. The site remains the property of the Calabria Club, who will continue to use the main buildings for weekend functions and occasional weekday events.

The main competition area is the outdoor oval and there is an indoor area suitable for breed club events. Parking is available on four sides of the oval. 

Drinks, coffee, meals and snacks can be purchased from the bar and bistro located in the main building. A small kiosk with seating area is also located next to the secretary's office on the main oval.