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FAQ - Pedigrees & Registrations

Registration with Dogs Victoria is different from Local Council registration required by Victorian State Law, or registration on a Microchip Registry.

ANY dog can be registered with Dogs Victoria!


Dogs Victoria has four different registers – the 'Main' Register, the 'Limited' Register, the 'Associate' Register, and the ‘Sporting’ Register. Each has its own set of requirements, and your dog can only be registered on one of these four registers.

The Main and the Limited Registers are for ‘pure-bred’ dogs – this is where both parents of the litter are known, and both parents are registered pure-bred dogs of the same ANKC-recognised breed. 

  • Individual puppies are entered onto these registers at the time that the breeder registers the litter (usually when the puppies are between six weeks and three months of age).

The Sporting and Associate Registers, allow dogs to participate in one of the many performance sports offered by Dogs Victoria and its affiliated clubs. 

  • Dogs can be entered onto these registers at any age, and you do not need to be the breeder of the dog to apply.

Main Register

Main Register dogs have BLUE coloured ‘papers’.  Dogs registered on the Main register are eligible to compete in Conformation Shows (Dog Shows) and may be bred to other Main register dogs of the same breed and have their progeny registered as pure-bred. 

Note: Main Register dogs that have been de-sexed are not eligible to compete in the regular classes at Conformation Shows; instead, they participate in the 'Neuter' classes.  Proof of desexing must be provided, and the dog's pedigree papers will be updated to indicate they are neutered.

Limited Register

Limited Register dogs are also pure-bred, but the breeder of the litter has chosen to 'limit' their eligibility for breeding and showing for one reason or another. 

Limited Register dogs are issued ORANGE coloured ‘papers’ and can compete in all Dogs Victoria events except for Conformation Showing (Dog Shows).  This means they are eligible for events that are limited or restricted to certain breeds (for example, 'Field Trial' events).

Note: Dogs on the Limited Register are not eligible for breeding unless the original breeder of the dog applies for the dog to be ‘upgraded’ to the Main register.


Within a single litter, some puppies may be entered onto the Main Register and some on the Limited Register, and their papers will contain the same information regarding parentage and the same three-generation pedigree.

The breeder of the litter decides which register they are placed on during the litter registration process.

Associate Register

Associate Register dogs include dogs of unknown parentage (such as those from shelters or pounds), dogs of known parentage but whose parents were not registered on the pure-bred registry, or whose parents were of different breeds. 

Similar to dogs on the Limited Register, Associate Register dogs are eligible to compete in all Dogs Victoria events aside from Conformation Showing (Dog Shows) or those events that are restricted to certain breeds. 

Note: To be eligible to be registered on the Associate Register, the owner must provide proof of de-sexing (Desexing certificate or letter from a vet on vet clinic letterhead clearly showing the dog’s microchip number).  Associate register dogs are not eligible for breeding.


Sporting Register

The ‘Sporting Register’ is for working or performance dogs that have been registered with a ‘Working Dog Association or Kindred Body that caters for Working Sporting or Performance Dogs’ that has been approved by the ANKC. 

Similar to Associate Register dogs, Sporting dogs can participate in all Dogs Victoria events aside from Conformation Showing (Dog Shows) and those events restricted to certain breeds.  The main difference is that Sporting Register dogs are not required to be desexed; however, they are not eligible for breeding with Dogs Victoria.

Note: To register your dog on the Sporting register you will require a certified copy of the dog’s registration paperwork, issued by the recognised body.  It will need to show that you are the registered owner of the dog and that your membership with that body is current.

Need more information about the different registers? 

Please contact Dogs Victoria’s Member Services Team on (03) 9788 2500