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Monday, March 19, 2018

Canine Christmas Market

Dogs Victoria "Big Day Out For Dogs and Canine Christmas Market celebrates "all things dog"!

The Big Day Out For Dogs, is Dogs Victoria's  annual festive community event and open day.  This year it is  being held on Sunday 10 December 2017 at KCC Park Skye. The event showcases a wide variety of breeds, clubs and dog activities to the public, plus a great opportunity to spoil our canine friends at the Canine Christmas Market, and shop for last minute Christmas gifts.

Site bookings for the Canine Christmas Market are STILL Open!

We are also looking for a small number of food vendors, contact Anna Bisak on 9788 2509 for more information or email to apply.  Please submit detailed information. 



So far the stallholders and exhibitors are :

A Dogs Life Pet First Aid Inc & Senses Pet Aromatherapy
A Dog’s Life Pet First Aid Care and Nutrition provides group and private CPR and First Aid courses developed by Pet Tech™ International. These courses are internationally recognised and are taught by lecture and hands on skills practice. Now with Senses Pet Aromatherapy we have created candles and diffusers made especially for Dogs.  100% pure essential oils with natural soy wax.  Blended with the respect to the fragility of the olfactory senses, this makes our candles safe for your pet. you’ll love the emotional balance, energy and overall sense of wellbeing it will bring to you and your best friend.
Ark Images
Aussie Pooch Mobile
Bunyip Saddlery
Canine Dental Hygiene Services
At Canine Dental Hygiene Services we are all about doing what's best for your dog. We provide teeth cleaning for your dog without any anesthetic. Offering a safe, natural, holistic alternative to having your dog's teeth cleaned, without any risks or side effects. Our calm, gentle and relaxing techniques has even the most anxious dog's happy to comply. For more information or to make a booking visit our website  or call 0433348639
Canine Instincts
Cider and Basil
Cider and Basil is a finely curated brand for you and your pet. With inner and outer wellbeing as our ethos, we create products using essential oils and all-natural ingredients for dogs and humans alike.
City of Greater Geelong
Dachshund IVDD Support Australia
Designer Paws
Dog Delish
Dog Stuff Discounters
~~Super Savings for your furry friends~~
The perfect stand to visit for great products at great prices. Brands include: Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Advance, Nutro, Blackhawk, Hills, Ivory Coat, Proplan, Meals For Mutts, Iams, Supercoat. 
We’ll also have Worm and Flea products such as Sentinel and Advocate.   For those that love a treat, there’ll be Pigs Ears, Liver and more tasty snacks.  There’ll be a great selection of toys to keep them busy, and a bed for the drive home.  So, come along and say hello, But remember. Some items may be limited , so, get in early.  **Click attending to our Facebook event to keep updated!**
Dogs N Fabrix
Doggy Deli
Earth Healing Therapies
Flashy Bits
There are Poodles and Groodles and Oodles of Spoodles, there’s a cute British Blue and a Rag Doll or two. There’s Staffies and Goldie’s and Dachshunds and Pugs, there’s Cavies’ and Frenchies and Boxers and Bugs.   There’s a massive selection of covers to choose, and there’s even some brooches for you to peruse, but if you want a cushion made specially for you, we’re happy to say we have that service too. We will have hundreds of different cushion cover designs ready for you on the day so why not see if you can find your special Furbaby amongst them!
Funky Fido
It’s time to get funked.. with Funky Fido!
Funky Fido is a local Melbourne based business handcrafting quality dog collars, leashes and other pet accessories, including harnesses, bandanas, hands free leashes, martingale/ graining collars, car restraints, bandanas, ties & bow ties, ALERT bandanas/ harnesses & “freezies” cooling bandanas.  We have over 120 collar and matching leash designs!    And now over 30 harness fabric designs.   
And we have HUGE specials on Funky Packs- including a free fido bag with all “packs sold on the day.We are Funky Fido, and we are a little bit different.We are “people people”, and we are “dog people”.    We listen, we design.. and then we create.     And.. we just wanna have fun!
So come see us at the Big Day Out Xmas Market.. and check out our huge funky range of festive Christmas attire for your best friend… Christmas velvet bandanas, Christmas bandanas, stockings, collars and leashes..
Are you Funky enough???
Golden Barkery
Healing in Motion – Bowen Therapy & Animal Health
Jo Howell Photography
Kaye's Krunchies and Kraft
Laila & Me
Leanie and Lou
Leanie and Lou is a bodacious Melbourne based company providing delicious, healthy, high value dogs treats for your pooch. Our treats were invented, and are produced and distributed from our local Brunswick doggy pantry with Victorian sourced sustainable and ethically grown organic ingredients. They contain important nutrients and vitamins to promote optimal health and well being for Peoples best friend (‘mans best friend’ circa 1950s). All our ingredients are hypoallergenic, organic, ethical, delicious and DELICIOUS… Dairy free (turns out chickens aren’t dairy), corn free (no high fructose sugars), low fat and high protein, no artificial colours or preservatives (gross!!), no added sodium or sugars, and maximum deliciousness. For info visit our website
Leap Petcare
Lyrebird Pet Furniture
More Than Paws
More Than Paws a leading online lifestyle store for pets with personality!   Our fun and stylish range includes PAMPET dog clothes, Dog Bless You dog coats, Christmas shirts, fun costumes, Dogue dog collars, Active X glow in the dark collars, Bow Wow Meow ID tags, Christmas toys and lots of fabulous pet accessories for fur kids and gifts for animal lovers.  We stand behind our products so when you purchase from More Than Paws you can be assured that you are buying pet products of the highest quality.
My Dachshund Online
My Dachshund Online is an online shop dedicated to dachshunds and their owners with everything for you and your furry friend. Spoil your loved family members this Christmas with a special gift from My Dachshund Online. We stock a range of boutique items sourced from local suppliers or picked up directly from the makers on our travels overseas.
Natural Equine & Canine Health
Natural Instinct Pet Food
Natural Instinct Pet Food creates raw and balanced meals for your Dog and Cat and is 100% Australian Owned, Sourced and Made.
The ideas was born from witnessing how many pets are getting sick and dying prematurely from preventable illnesses due to their diet. Natural Instinct Pet Food is a raw food diet for better health and longevity. We stock the LARGEST protein meal range on the Australian raw pet food market and our meals have a 100% fussy pet guarantee.Our meals contain No Preservatives, Zero Additives, just the goodness of raw meat and steamed vegetables.They are also free from gluten, seeds, grains, colourants and 100% Chemical Free. We also make Air Dried Treats, a superfood fruit and veggies meal and a large range of bone broth to satisfy every pet's protein craving. Meals can be purchased from our online store and are delivered to your home every Saturday.
NatureDog Raw Dog Food
NatureDog is a delicious, healthy and nutritious dog food made from fresh human grade raw meat, raw meaty bones, and fresh raw vegetables and fruit. Developed by a qualified small animal nutritionist, NatureDog is designed to replicate how dogs would eat in the wild. It is made from Australian grass fed kangaroo, rabbit and beef and hormone free chicken, along with minimal chemical and spray free fruits and vegetables.
NatureDog is free of any chemical additives, preservatives, synthetics, cooking or colours, and contains no fillers such as pasta, grains or rice. Instead it contains nutritious additions such as raw egg, kelp, alfalfa and Spirulina.  Its easy to stack and store 500gms, 1kg and 2kg containers are BPA free, tamper proof, resealable, reusable and fully recyclable.
Established in 2010, NatureDog is a family owned and operated business that continually invests in research and product development, to ensure your dog gets the highest quality, species appropriate food.
No Hairs Ark (Chinese Crested Rescue)
Pawgie is all about spoiling our fur babies. Pawgie offers a range of special dog and cat gift boxes, a range of quality toys, accessories and natural Australian treats. All special gift boxes have been put together to get pooches and kitties very excited. All gift boxes contain only quality products and Australian treats, made from natural ingredients. You can purchase Christmas boxes, Birthday boxes, Get Well boxes, New Puppy boxes, Cat boxes and more! Whatever the occasion is and whether it is a present for someone else's fur baby, or for your own special fur baby, you should be able to find something that is just right.
Pain Pod /Pain free Enterprise
Managing Pain-Drug free & living life to the fullest with the PainPod
The PainPod is a drug free pain management, portable, rechargeable device which can treat acute to chronic pain. It increases blood flow so has great benefits for diabetics, also stimulates the muscle so it can break down inflammation so beneficial for arthritis sufferers.  It can be used on pressure points of the body via dry needling for migraine, chronic nerve pain and even dental pain and also has the ability to speed up the recovery process after surgery.  The device has been known to also have great benefits used on dogs & horses for pain management as well.
Personalised Pet
The Original Personalised Pet – a great range of personalised pet accessories. Machine embroidered collars with your pet’s name and a contact phone number, made while you wait. Available in lots of different colour combinations, matching leads too. Hard wearing and water friendly. Soft walking/car harnesses, seatbelt clips, travel bowls, and other useful pet products.
Pet Network
Pet Pouch
Pet Pouch is a boutique style store for pets and pet lovers alike and believe unconditional love should always be rewarded. We boast unique designs and limited edition product releases in beds, bandanas, bowties and gifts for humans.  Pop by and see our extensive Christmas range and specials.
Pipsqueaks Photography
Pure Silver Impressions
Looking for a tasty, healthy treat for your pet? You have come to the right place! 100% Australian owned and made. Gourmet treats for your pet made from locally sourced high quality beef and lamb and that's it! No artificial flavours or preservatives. We have a range of deliciously healthy 100% meat gourmet pet treats. No additives, fillers or preservatives, just premium cuts dried not cooked for sealed in goodness & flavour. Also available, hand made jackets, bandannas and bowties.
Serendipity Dog Beds and Covers
Silver Eagle Outfitters Australia
In 2003 Silver Eagle Australia began creating K9 Cooling Vests and Cooling Mats to aid the health and well-being of all dogs during the heat of Australian summers. CoolChampions K9 cooling products work by creating artificial perspiration that actively pulls out excess heat, maintaining the dog's normal body temperature and reducing the heavy panting that would otherwise unduly distress the dog. We also offer personal cooling vests, wide brim cooling hats, neck coolers, silver shade mesh gazebo walls and trolley surrounds plus oilskin dog jackets.
Sirius Dog Cares
Sirius Dog Cares is an emerging business seeking to provide sustainable natural effective pet care to animal lovers.  We actively promote Pet First Aid and behavioural skilling programs for owners.Our lead product is the ION5 Ionic Toothbrush engineered to provide a thorough and complete dental hygiene solution for owners.  Combined with the sustainable fully integrated solar panel this represents a genuine advance in dental care.  Toothpaste and harsh scrubbing is no longer needed.  Water, light and gentle brushing helps to prevent harmful bacteria and plaque build-up that can lead to Gingivitus and Periodontal disease.
Smiley Dog by Bioshine
Natural and Organic Coat Care for Every Dog!  At Smiley Dog® we passionately believe that keeping your dog’s coat (and skin) supple, shiny and healthy is as important as a nutritious diet. Smiley Dog® coat care range uses locally sourced, natural/organic/vegan plant extracts and essential oils in every formulation - to ensure an effective and happy wash.  Our products are 100% safe to use for pets and humans*. Established in 2008, Smiley Dog® by BioShine is a family owned business based in Braeside VIC and we are proudly Australian Made and Owned certified. 
Spinning Pet Yarn
Even after more than 20 years, spinning continues to be Marion's passion. Having worked with all kinds of fibre, now, by request, she has ventured into the world of Pets and Dogs. Clients trust her to produce the best possible product: yarn, garments, objects , using the fibre from the living family pet, or from a treasured deceased pet, or even a client wanting a pet. A veteran of many demonstrations, workshops, classes, guest speakings, Markets, and travel (notably ANTARCTICA), come and chat with Marion at her stall, discover how you can keep your pet with you forever.
Spoilt Puppy
The Paw Principality
A Pet Boutique that specialises in raw free feed (including certified organic), natural and chemical free supplements and treatments, locally and ethically made treats, accessories (most of which are handmade), toys and pet clothing. A great place to spoil your dapper doggies and cutie kitties! 
Wag and Me
Wag & Me are leading the way with the very unique Poochette.  The only lead which converts to a shoulder strap in seconds.  Leaving you hands free when walking your dog.  Attached to your lead is an insulated pouch ready to handle the smelly stuff.  Take your dogs stinky business out of your hands, and discreetly store in insulated enclosed compartment until a bin can be found.  The pouch has compartments to hold your keys, phone, c/card, etc.  and our specially designed carabiners allow the pouch to detach off the lead, and convert to a treat pouch quickly and easily.
Wiggle Waggle Designs